We’ve won every AWARD available to commercial roofers that matters.

Including these…

Golden Hammer Award – North Texas Roofing Contractor Association
Unprecedented 14 Times Award Winner, Including a Record 12 In A Row

The Golden Hammer is the highest honor a Texas roofing company can receive, and is based on excellence on specific large projects, and is judged on uniqueness, challenges, safety, and overall quality.

We’ve won so many Golden Hammer awards that it’s almost unfair; but because qualification requires a high level of coordination and unparalleled quality, the field is usually actually quite small.

Here is a list of the years we have won, and the projects that are associated with that year’s award:

  1. Dallas Love Field Airport
  2. Dallas City Hall
  3. Texas Instruments R-Fab
  4. University of Houston Science Center
  5. Fair Park Hall of State
  6. Cedar Hill Government Center
  7. Dallas Performance Hall
  8. Rusk State Hospital
  9. Fair Park Music Hall
  10. John Peter Smith Hospital
  11. Comanche Peak Plant
  12. Sanders Estes Prison Unit
  13. SMU Owen Arts Center
  14. Texas Woman’s University Blagg-Huey Library


Dallas Business Ethics Award
The Only Roofing Company To Be Named—Ever.

If you think it’s unusual for a commercial roofing contractor to win an award for business ethics, you’re right! The award is given out annually to honor companies that have demonstrated a firm commitment to ethical business practices in everyday operations, management philosophies, and responses to crises or challenges.

You can read more about this prestigious award on the Create Dallas Business Ethics Award website.


Gold Circle Safety Award – National Roofing Contractors Association
Work On The Dallas City Performance Hall

We take safety seriously at Castro Roofing, and we’ve been recognized for our efforts. Each year the National Roofing Contractors Association hands out “Gold Circle” Awards to deserving companies on a national basis in various categories including outstanding workmanship, innovation, community service, and safety.

In addition to winning multiple Gold Circle Awards for outstanding workmanship, we won the most sought after award – National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA) Gold Circle Award for Safety Innovation outright.


Dallas City Performance Hall

Dallas Performance Hall

Owner: City of Dallas
Roof System: Kalzip Standing Metal Roof Panel
Contract: $1,327,050 – Square Feet 36,000


Love Field Airport

Owner: City of Dallas
Roof System: Coal Tar Pitch, PVS Membrane
Contract: $2,625,000 – Square Feet 205,350

Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant

Comanche Peak Plant

Owner: Luminant
Roof System: Built-Up with Gravel
Contract: $158,650 – Square Feet 32,000

University of Houston Science Center

University of Houston Science Center

Owner: University of Houston
Roof System: Feltback Adhered Thermoplastic
Contract: $836,410 – Square Feet 45,500


Cedar Hill Government Center

Owner: City of Cedar Hill
Roof System: Standing Seam Metal Roof
Contract: $580,235 – Square Feet 71,100

Hall of State

Fair Park Hall of State

Owner: City of Dallas
Roof System: SBS Mod. Membrane
Contract: $415,455 – Square Feet 41,000

City Hall

Dallas City Hall

Owner: City of Dallas
Roof System: Coal Tar Pitch
Contract: $977,127 – Square Feet 100,000


Fair Park Music Hall

Owner: City of Dallas
Roof System: SBS Mod. and Elastometric
Contract: $911,000 – Square Feet 74,620

Rusk State Hospital

Rusk State Hospital

Owner: Texas Dep. of  Health Services
Roof System: SBS Mod. & Metal Roof
Contract: $1,327,050 – Square Feet 36,000


John Peter Smith Hospital

Owner: Health Network
Roof System: Built-up & Metal Roof
Contract: $233,000 – Square Feet 31,900

Sander Estes Prision Unit

Sanders Estes Prison Unit

Owner: Texas Dep. of Criminal Justice
Roof System: SBS Mod & Concert Deck
Contract: $1,953,432 – Square Feet 183,600

Texas Instrument Rfab Bulding

Texas Instruments RFAB

Owner: Texas Instruments
Roof System: PVC Membrane & Mod
Contract: $4,958,426 – Square Feet 490,925

SMU Owen Museum

SMU Owen Arts Center

Owner: Southern Methodist University
Roof System: SBS Mod. & Asphalt Shingles
Contract: $2,500,000 – Square Feet 205,350


TWU Blagg-Huey Library       

Owner: Texas Woman’s University
Roof System: APP Mod., Copper Roofs & Designer Shingles
Contract: $1,853,750.59 – Square Feet 54,804

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