Choose The Commercial Roofer In Texas With
A Perfect 20+ Year BBB Record
That’s Right… ZERO Complaints. Ever.

Finding a good commercial roofer in Texas can be tricky. Frequent storms seem to bring out the worst kinds of roofers—roofers who used to be fixing fences last week, roofers who were working in Ohio last week, roofers who have filed for bankruptcy four times, etc. You know the story.

One of the easiest shortcuts to checking a roofer’s REAL ability and reputation is to call the BBB. They’ll tell you how long a roofer has been listed with them, and how many outstanding issues they have.

When you call the BBB, look for these RED FLAGS:

  • Any company that is NOT LISTED should be completely avoided. Why chance it?
  • Any company that’s been a member LESS THAN 3 YEARS should be avoided. Why chance it?
  • Any company that has OUTSTANDING COMPLAINTS should be avoided? Why won’t they just fix their customers’ problems?

We’ve been a BBB member in Texas for over 13 years now, and we have ZERO complaints. Ever. That’s because we are a REAL roofing company with over 110 employees and a track record of success. We can help you permanently repair your nightmare roof leaks, help you extend the life of your roofs, navigate through the hassles of dealing with your insurance company and get you the maximum benefit for your damaged roof.

Click here to see our BBB report. We’re proud of it!

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