Roof Management Best Practices

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How do you manage a remote asset with ease?

Did you know that more than 4.3 million people in the USA work remotely, which is 3.2% of the workforce. We can thank COVID for these numbers, but some may not return to the office. So how do you manage an asset that you cant walk daily?

As a facility manager, you are probably used to putting your eyes on the issue. However, this is not as easy today as it was 14 months ago. Restricted access and customer/employee safety are just a few items that make walking a building more difficult. Below you will find a few tips and best practices that can help you control your building assets.

  • Migrate your documents to a digital format. It may seem like an impossible task, but your contractors are more than likely already documenting their work digitally. Find out if they have any type of client access portal to receive your information.
  • Schedule proactive inspections. Even though many companies respond to failures, inspecting the assets proactively can find the issue before it’s a problem.
  • Research innovative alert tools. Certain assets that connect to the cloud can be set up to alert users of a failure or if tolerance is exceeded.
  • Retool the facilities management playbook to include a remote review of work.
    • You can require before and after photos of the work performed on the facility.

Castro Roofing wants our clients to have peace of mind while remotely managing their assets. Real-time information is sent straight to our client’s through their online portal and via email.

Click here to see a sample roof report.

The client portal can be accessed on any web-based device, so even if you are away from your computer or tablet, you can still access your portal straight from your smartphone. You can customize your portal for easy access to features you use daily or documents you need on hand at all times. 

Are you already getting an inspection done on your roof? 

Easily export the data from that inspection in an organized report. 

In need of a service? 

Dispatch our technicians straight from your device and upload any necessary documents. All files will be stored in cloud-based file storage that is unique to your property so you can stay organized and not have to worry about losing any files. 

Here are the steps to some features to show you just how easy it is for you to manage your facility from anywhere successfully!

Need to dispatch a roof leak.

  • Access your portal anywhere with an internet connection 
  • Fill out the service ticket form 
  • Upload photos or documents specific to the leak 
  • Hit send dispatch, and the ticket is live! 

Tracking the service request.

  • View all active requests with real-time updates in your portal 
  • View/download invoices from any request to-date
  • View/download supporting documents 
  • Request CVS export of the data to use for budgets
  • Track recurring or annual spend per property 

Monitoring your project.

  • Review recent reports from active projects 
  • See where your newly awarded project is in the queue
  • Ability to view/download past projects

Click here to see a sample roof report.

Accurate data is the key to good proactive management. Talk to your primary vendors and see what they have to assist in gathering this information. You may be surprised by the data you already have at your fingertips. 

Peace of Mind is just the start of what we deliver.

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