The best roofing materials in the world will FAIL if installed improperly… We’re all about Old-World Craftsmanship… With a high-tech twist.

At the end of the day, the guy who’s actually on the roof doing the work has to be really, really good at what he does for a roofing job to be successful.

Which is why it’s sad that many roofing companies ruthlessly cut costs by hiring the cheapest workers they can find. They yank them in off street corners and pay them peanuts. That’s a huge mistake.

At Castro Roofing, our on-the-roof workers are our most important asset.

That’s why we treat them with the respect of an artisan and craftsman:

  • We train them continuously so they know our systems and can perform to our strict standards.
  • They attend company-wide Total Quality Management meetings to review problems and learn solutions for continues improvement that provide our client with a superior experience and roofing solution.
  • They certify in our ZERO DEFECTS program to ensure absolute quality
  • Our work trucks have THEIR NAMES on the side

You might think that roofers hate being roofers. But despite the long days and hot sun, roofing is only a thankless job for roofers who work for companies that don’t put any effort into appreciating and rewarding them. Castro roofers love working for Castro because they’re compensated well, they’re treated well, and they know they’re making a difference.

We put our workers in an environment where they can thrive… and hold onto them for dear life! We give them time to do the job right instead of rushing them from job to job to job. We make sure they have the right tools and right training for any given job. And we give them the security of knowing that we’ll keep using them over and over because we value their skills and attitude. We pay them well and we treat them well.  And they do fantastic work.

Upward mobility is also key; almost all of our foreman and supervisor level workers have risen through the ranks to take on important positions.

In short, we treat roofers like they are somebody… because to us, they’re the most important employees in the company.


The Real Missing Link

With a keen eye laser-focused on the job at hand, our dedicated master craftsmen work endlessly to ensure that their work is perfect.

Trained in the techniques known only to Castro Roofing (also known as the missing link) our master craftsman use them as their Roofing Bible to ensure you get a quality roof every time.

Our master craftsmen take their craft to heart and have become the most recognized artists in the industry. Just take a look at all our awards and see for yourself that even the experts in the industry cannot deny our superior craftsmanship.

“When a work lifts your spirits and inspires bold and noble thoughts in you, do not look for any other standard to judge by: the work is good, the product of a master craftsman.”
~ Jean de la Bruyere

But Wait, What About Our Products?

Coco Chanel would never make a designer dress out of cheap fabric.  Michelangelo would never use finger-paint to decorate the Sistine Chapel.  Castro Roofing would never use cheap or inferior products to apply on our roofs.  Being artists in the industry we realize that quality does not stop at the craftsmanship.

We make sure that the products we choose for your roofing needs are at their finest.  Do not let our designer status confuse you into thinking we are beyond your budget.  After all,  not everyone can afford a designer dress or famous art nor could they afford  a new roof every few years.

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