Any roofing contractor can re-roof a buildingOnly Castro Roofing makes the process easy, transparent, & stress-free.

It’s All About Planning, Systems, & Communication.

There are a thousand possible land mines when it comes to reroofing a building.

And if you choose the wrong roofing contractor, your project could take a lot longer than you hope, cost a lot more, and leave you with a roof that will likely need to be replaced again—much sooner than you think.

At Castro Roofing, we make reroofing easy because we sweat thousands of tiny details—so you do have to.

Here’s a brief overview of our process and advantages:

Determine The Cause of the Failure: This fundamental step is universally ignored by roofing contractors; they’re satisfied with obvious answers like “the roof is old” or “it was hit by a hailstorm.”  Our experience is that over 50% of roofs FAIL PREMATURELY because of faulty roof design, inferior materials, poor installation techniques… or a combination of all three. If the underlying design issues exist and are not fixed, you will certainly be calling a roofer again in 5 to 10 years for another new roof. We assess and fix all problems.

What Kind of Use Will The Building Get?: You can’t use a “one size fits all” approach with commercial roofs. Several factors must be carefully studied before determining what roof will work best. Factors include how long you intend to keep the building, amount of foot traffic on the roof, presence and type of mechanical units on the roof, likelihood of hail, desired level of energy efficiency, and so forth.

Quality & Price Options Provided: Based on our discovery meeting (above), we’ll give you multiple quotes for “good, better, and best” reroofing options. Quotes will be complete with architectural drawings and materials manufacturer approval (to makes sure they are appropriate for the application). We’ll then walk you through the relative pros and cons of each option to help you make the best choice.

“No Surprises” Pre-Construction Meeting: Prior to starting the project, we’ll meet with your team to discuss issues like the expected duration of the project,  interior noise that can be expected, staging  areas for materials, placement of dumpsters, and so forth.  We want you to be fully prepared for the project so you can plan accordingly.

ZERO Defects Form: As a part of the pre-construction meeting, we’ll present your team leader with a  ZERO DEFECTS FORM; this allows you to know exactly what to look for as we progress so you can know for sure that we are doing the job right. It’s all about transparency—you should ALWAYS be “in the know.”

No Baby-Sitting… Online Project Management: We’ll give you daily updates to your project via a secure online portal. This includes photos of what was completed that day and a “percentage complete” statement so you will never wonder “where we’re at in the process.” Daily emails will also be sent to anyone you designate on your team so anyone anywhere can stay current with the project. No babysitting. No wondering. Total transparency.

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Online Warranty Posting: Once the job is complete, we’ll log your warranties into your online portal for instant access. You’ll never scramble to find warranties, job specifications, or documents later—we make sure it’s ALL easy to find… FOREVER.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to reroofing a building than just “tearing the old roof off and putting a new one on.” That’s why you should only trust Castro Roofing to reroof your commercial building.


Getting Started with Your Roof Replacement Strategy

Replacement is the final solution after every other options will not work. Selecting the right contractor is critical. Anyone can give you a price and a start date. Don’t let your commercial roofing project become a major headache…Make sure you choose the right roofing contractor because if you do, your re-roofing project will be done correctly.

Re-roof is the last phase of the roof lifecycle and it comes with the 5Ps of construction investment strategy:

  •  Problem
  • Product
  • People
  • Price
  • Peace of Mind


What are the problems that are causing the need for construction”

It doesn’t matter if you are a commercial building Owner or a church building committee or on a condominium council or a home Owner. There are typically two main questions we get asked all the time—“How Much Will It Cost and When Can the Work Be Scheduled?”

However, “Authorities Provide Valuable Insights Into Making A Construction Investment”. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has information on selecting contractors, most trade associations have information on selecting & qualifying contractors, you can even get information from the material manufacturer, Certified Contractor Network (CCN) has compiled most of this information for you that is why we have provided listed them in our website and easily down loadable.  CCN has broken this information down into these five critical areas of concern.

CCN studies have shown that people who pay attention to the questions centered around these 4P’s have a high level of satisfaction with their project. CCN studies also show that if you do NOT focus on the questions center around these 4P’s there is a good chance that you will experience an EQUAL level of dissatisfaction.

P1 – Problem

“Determining & Qualifying Your Needs”.

Most of us were not born with a construction manual in our heads so; if you don’t do this often, how would you know what your problems is?”  The experts advice property Owners to ask questions of every contractor you invite to bid on your project… some of those questions might be…

  • What is the proper design or scope of the work for your project?
  • What are the specifications that will achieve the scope of work?
  • What criteria are required for Contractor Qualification and Selection?
  • Does the contractor have adequate insurance?
  • What are the risks and liability of uninsured, or underinsured?


Satisfaction and Trouble Free Service

P2 Product

Satisfaction and Trouble Free Service are two things are a direct result putting together the proper design and specifications with the proper materials and application by quality craftsmen.

But how would you know what the right product is for your job?” Just like on P1 in order to assure yourself that you select the proper products you need to ask these questions.

  • What are the Preparation Requirements that impact long-term performance?
  • What are the proper materials for the project?
  • Do the manufacturers have any special requirements for their long-term warranty?
  • What are the craftsmanship requirements?
  • What styles, options, grades, and warranties are available?


Never Buy a Product…Buy a Contractor

P3 People

Never Buy a Product…Buy a Contractor. The significance of that statement is that good materials in the hands of a butcher will result in a butcher job.  It really doesn’t matter who is the manufacturer, the quality of the product, or the length of their warranty.  If the product is not installed by skilled craftsmen it will never perform as intended or as you anticipated.

But how would you know if you had the right contractor?”  Again you need to ask questions!

  • How long has the contractor been in business?
  • Is the contractor a member of his trade organization
  • Is the contractor licensed?
  • Is the contractor approved or certified by the manufacturer?
  • Can the contractor provide references?


Expense or Investment

P4 Price

Price is probably the easiest of the four areas to make sure your making the right decision, because you either do the work right according to established specifications and craftsmanship, and the work is an investment because it lasts up to expectations, or you do it wrong and this project could become a “Major Expense”. But how would you know if you had the right price?”  Again you need to ask questions!

  • How do you determine if the price is right?
  • Has the contractor worked nearby for price comparison?
  • Has the contractor done similar projects in scope and size?
  • Are there potential and unforeseen and unknown extra costs?
  • What are potential and unforeseen and unknown extra costs?
  • What are your options for funding your construction investment?
  • Is the contractor’s proposal clear and understandable?


Hopefully I have done my job well enough that you now have the trust and confidence to make an educated decision that will give you the peace of mind to know that you have made a good contracting decision.

So there are really 5 P’s and “P5 = Peace of Mind” and the question here is, “Will the decision you make today turn out to be an Expense or Investment?”

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