Before you spend a single dime on Repairs or Replacement

Get the data you need to make intelligent decisions.
We’ll document the exact status of all your roofs…
Grade them, assign priorities, and give you a detailed plan of action.

If you have 10 or more roofs in your building network, chances are high that you don’t really even know what to expect from them.

  • Which roofs are in need of immediate repairs?
  • Which ones can probably withstand another year or two—but need to be monitored carefully?
  • Which roofs are in great shape and only need routine maintenance?
  • Which roofs have storm damage that I’m not aware of or can be restored instead of replaced?

The answers to these questions aren’t just a matter of convenience: they’re also a matter of budget constraints. Crossing your fingers and “hoping” you get through the next year isn’t a very good strategy.

That’s why you should take advantage of Castro’s Roof Assessment Program. We’ll give you the data you need to make intelligent decisions about your roofing needs and your budget. We’ll help you prevent small problems from turning into large ones, and in the end, we’ll save you a ton of money.

ipadHere’s how it works:

  • Pictures & Video: We’ll document the exact status of every roof in your system with pictures and videos—this allows for complete transparency. If we say a roof has a problem, you’ll see it with your OWN TWO EYES.
  • Document Conditions: A full report for each property will be written up and stored on an online portal for instant access and review. Every roof is given an A to F grade so it’s easy to understand.
  • Determine Priorities: We’ll review the results with you and discuss the relative importance of each roof so a priority plan can be created.
  • Discuss Budget & Action Plan: Depending on the grades and priority of each roof, a recommended action plan will be given that shows:
    • Emergency Situations: Roofs that have current leaks that must be repaired now.
    • reportsRemedial Work: Roofs that have problems but are not urgent to be fixed immediately.
    • ReRoof: Roofs that need to be replaced; when and how much it will cost. Generally roofs that will require repairs that cost 35% or more of replacement cost, we will recommend reroofing.

Armed with this information, you can better plan your budget for each year. In addition, we strongly recommend that sign up for a Castro Maintenance Plan which will continue to monitor your roofs and update their status on line annually, semi-annually, or quarterly.

Everything starts with an Assessment

“The physician’s highest calling, his only calling, is to make sick people healthy – to heal, as it is termed”

Before a doctor prescribes a solution to either maintain your health or correct major health issues, the doctor will perform a thorough examination (blood test, scans, visual observation, asks many questions, etc.). Do you ever wonder why some contractors don’t follow this proven diagnostic process?

We use a simple 5 Step process to that will give you accurate information to help you make smart roofing decisions about the state of your roofs and options that won’t break the bank:

By following these 5 steps, you are guaranteed to greatly reduce your roofing frustrations, save time for other more important things and save your budget.


Roof Assessment

Everything starts with a thorough examination of the roofs


Leak Repair

The roof leaks will be permanently repair instead of a Band-Aid patch


Roof Maintenance

Just like your car needs maintenance, your roof also needs it to extend its life


Roof Restoration

Why replace your roof when you can restore it for half the cost?


Roof Replacement

Replace your roof only as a last option. If you have to re-roof, do it with a smart roofing solution

One inspection of your roof will yield lots of Cost-Saving possibilities
Our goal is to present you with a variety of options and fresh possibilities for extending the life of your roof. We have repair solutions that can help you delay installing a costly new roof. Regardless, you will receive a non-bias assessment of roof condition along with action steps for avoiding damage and minimizing cost. Wouldn’t it be comforting to get a second opinion?

Our Free Assessment is like getting a second opinion for Roof Maintenance approaches
Getting a fresh set of eyes up on your roof to help you evaluate your options just makes sense. There’s wisdom in getting a second opinion. Castro Roofing Roof Service Techs are veteran roofers who have installed every type of roofing system. They know where to look for problems and they know where you can make the biggest impact for the least possible investment.

Our goal is to find innovative and cost-effective ways to extend the roof’s life without having to replace it.

Roof assessment: Seven key questions

Question everything. “In God we trust, all others bring data.” William Edwards Deming

In an era of downsizing, consolidated responsibilities, and myriad other challenges maintenance and engineering managers must deal with daily, it is no wonder organizations embark upon major capital roofing projects with a mindset of, “whatever is easiest and most convenient.” More often than not, though, that mindset produces a roof that does not deliver the expected performance life.

Roof Assessment

Before engaging in a roof replacement, building owners and managers should carefully consider the exact reasons for replacing the roof. Questions to ask and answer are:

  1. Am I engaging in this project as a reaction to leaks?
  2. Am I engaging in this project because current warranties have expired?
  3. Does the roof really need replacement, can its life be extended, or is it a candidate for restoration?
  4. Should I consider retrofitting the roof?
  5. Are strategic repairs a viable option?
  6. What proof do I have that the roof needs to be replace?
  7. Has the roof fail do to storm damage?

The real challenge for building owners and managers is deciding the most appropriate and cost-effective course of action. If the manager can convince the organization’s top management the roof is a real asset and deserves the same treatment as any other valuable piece of equipment, the next step is to properly assess the actual condition of the roof and prioritize its replacement or repair based on actual conditions. Accurate data is needed to make smart roofing decision instead of best guest.

Before making any decision on specifying a new roof or repairing the existing system, managers need to perform a total assessment of the roof, including an infrared scan for wet insulation. A certified technician with a minimum Level 2 — not a guy with a gun and something to sell — should perform the infrared-scan assessment.

Too often, a roof project begins with a thumbnail outline of services and progresses with bids, based on nothing more substantial than a contractor’s sales pitch. The lowest price typically drives the manager’s purchasing decision. Accompanying these components in many cases are questionable warranties manufacturers provide solely to make managers and owners feel safe by accepting the lowest bid.

But a manufacturer too often will include qualifying language in the warranty that limits the company’s liability and leaves managers and the organization without coverage they believed would protect them and their purchase decision. At best, warranties cover the repair of water ingress, but they do not resolve the root cause and restoration of the damage the leaks cause, including replacing wet insulation.

What does the Assessment include?

Everything, including the kitchen sink

Roofing Service Programs That Minimize Your Annual Roofing Cost Castro Roofing’s LOOKOUT™ Roof Monitoring Program and Service Program reduces total roofing costs, postpones re-roofing costs, and prolongs roof life.

“LOOKOUT program minimizes total roofing cost by eliminating expensive emergency repairs”

LOOKOUT™ Roofing Monitoring Program

  1. One to four inspections and report for the year. This includes a thorough analysis of your roof system.
  2. A written report with a summary of the existing roof(s) condition.
  3. Two CAD drawings of the roof(s), one with measurements and the other showing all roof penetrations (HVAC units, fans, vents, drains, or gutters, etc).
  4. A summary on each section.
  5. A CAD drawing for each section.
  6. All defects listed with a picture of the defect.
  7. The repair specification for each defect with our cost to repair it.
  8. A gridded locator drawing provides mapping of each defect’s location.
  9. The cost of replacing each roof section using the existing roof specifications at today’s prices for budgeting purposes.
  10. Our two (2) year Replacement vs. Repair & Maintenance chart showing the costs of replacement versus cost of repair and maintenance. This assists you in making the right decision, to either repair or re-roof?
  11. Roof drains will be cleaned of leaves and minor debris around the bowl at no additional charge to help improve sluggish or blocked drainage.
  12. Roof drains will be cleaned of leaves and minor debris around the bowl at no additional charge to help improve sluggish or blocked drainage.
  13. A cost summary of repairs allowing you to do all of the repairs found or only the items you choose to do.
  14. As a Castro Roofing maintenance client, you will be guaranteed 24 hour service on all leak calls.
  15. You are provided with a report that documents all rooftop maintenance activity and recommendations.

Castro Roofing is prepared to put its professional project consultant to perform an detailed survey on your buildings prior to you making your final decision if the roof needs to be replace. You might be pleasantly surprise of the real needs of your roof system. Click here to schedule an assessment (

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