52% of all U.S. Building Owners are dissatisfied with the contractor they hired

“I was shocked and embarrassed when I found out that contractors are America’s #1 most complained about industry.”

When done properly, a roofing project can make your building more enjoyable and prove to be a valuable investment. Unfortunately, we’ve all heard horror stories about commercial roofing projects gone badly. Problems with longer-than-expected installation, final bills that come in higher than the quote, and shoddy workmanship are commonplace. We were shocked and embarrassed to find out that, according to Better Business Bureau statistics, contractors are in the top 1% most complained about industries— right up there with auto repair and airlines.

With so many pick-up truck contractors, out-of-town storm chasers, unqualified contractors and other unskilled workers, it’s more important than ever before for building owners and managers to educate themselves before making a major investment in their commercial roof portfolio.

We’ve always done a good job and treated our clients right—and we’ve been able to build a nice business because of it. However, over the years I’ve noticed that some building owners and managers will choose less-than-reputable companies to do jobs for them… usually, because they are quoted less money. Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for good, honest competition, but it pains me to see good folks risk their hard-earned money with contractors who don’t have their best interests at heart. You deserve a great value for your money—which includes an honest contractor who uses high-quality products and stands behind their work in both word and deed.

Industry Standards Weren’t Tough Enough

We wanted to find a way to educate building owners and managers about how to choose a good, honest commercial roofing contractor. The industry standards simply aren’t tough enough—just about anybody with a hammer and a pickup truck can be a contractor. That’s why we’ve pioneered a set of standards called the Code of Ethics & Competency for Roofing Contractors. The Code of Ethics calls for contractors to uphold a high set of standards that will allow you to judge BEFORE hand whether or not a contractor is likely to do the job right. This guide specifies those standards.

Below is a list of roofing manufacturers we are approved by, minority-owned business certifications and a list of associations/memberships that helped improve ourselves. And check out our “Shark” movie spoof poster story below.

If there is anything we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to call us at 800.759.1879 or email us at Info@CastroRoofing.com.

Certified Installer by all major roofing manufacturers

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Minority-Owned Business Certifications


Associations and Memberships

elite forum

 The terrifying truth behind terrible roofing contractors and their horrifying rip-offs. 

The peaceful corporate community is being terrorized when Sharks (otherwise known as roofing contractors) decide to make business of all kinds their private feeding grounds. After many attempts by regulating associations, these Sharks just won’t go away and now Castro Roofing has decided to go after the Sharks and get rid of them for good.

When I was a young man I watched a movie that made an impact on me and still does to this day. After watching, I never felt it was “safe to go back in the water.” As a matter of fact, I still get nervous every time I put my feet into the ocean. It’s amazing what a movie like Jaws can do to your psyche.

This is why we chose the movie poster from one of the most famous movies of all time. The 1974 smash hit, Jaws, is our movie spoof to use in our marketing. It illustrates perfectly what can happen to unsuspecting and innocent people. That feeling is similar when you get burned by a bad roofing contractor. We call them SHARKS. SHARKS promise you a feeling of safety and calm. They will handle the roof repair and do a great job. They make promises that you have nothing to worry about. And then… You hear that foreboding music. Dun unh… Dun unh… Dun unh Dun unh Dun unh Dun unh… then, the screams of horror. You go numb. You realize that you have just been “bit” by a SHARK.

You paid for repairs but they aren’t fixed. Plus, you probably paid out of your pocket for something that should have been covered by the insurance or the material manufacturer. You just don’t realize it. At Castro Roofing, we have the ability to eliminate the SHARKS from your life.

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