We NEVER leave you wondering where we are or what we’re doing…

We keep you constantly updated with photos, text messages, & more?

Ever notice how most roofers give you no way to know what they’re actually doing? It’s especially aggravating if you’re responsible for multiple buildings and or multiple locations.

Did the roofer show up on time? Are they working now? What did they do? When did they leave? What roof section are they going to be working tomorrow? Is the job finished?

With Castro Roofing, you’ll never wonder about anything. You’ll automatically KNOW. That’s because we’ve implemented the most advanced communication system in the industry. We call it Project Pulse.  It’s our Online Project Management (OPM) that tracks all roofing activities daily and archives them forever:

  • We ALWAYS check in with your on-site personnel before starting
  • We ALWAYS take photos before we start, during the job, and at the end of each job or day
  • We post those photos online in your password-protected portal so you can see exactly what was done… AND you can inspect the work
  • For multi-day jobs, we chart the progress on a graph on your portal
  • We ALWAYS check out at the end of the day with your on-site personnel, and show photos of progress
  • We can send your designated person (or people) text message updates as we go

But it’s not just our extreme care in communication that sets our service apart.

In the end, it comes down to respect. All of our workers will treat every single person on your premises with kindness, respect, and dignity. From janitors to superintendents; from secretaries to CEOs; from facilities managers to mayors of cities…we treat everyone we contact like a V.I.P. and deliver the Red Carpet Experience.

All your roof information on the palm of your hand

Advance technology to extend roof life and save you $$$

What is The Red Carpet Experience?

Featuring Five Star Client Treatment


You are no doubt reading this because you are considering some kind of roof service, looking for design solutions, roof maintenance advice or storm damage issues. I know the process of determining the right solution to your issues, the product that will solve does issues and right company to meet your needs can be a daunting one. From my over forty-five years’ experience in the industry, I often find building owners and managers placing a large part of their decision making on the differences between products. And, while we know our products are truly unique, cutting edge and unmatched in the marketplace, we also know that at least as important as the products you choose is the company that you hire to do the actual work. Selecting the wrong company can prove disappointing, inconvenient and frustrating at the least, disastrous at the worst and have long term consequences that linger for years to come.

Because we know that your choice doesn’t have to be one you regret, and in fact can be one you make with confidence and peace of mind, we are proud to offer our clients the Castro’s Red Carpet Experience. Since 1990, we’ve installed roofs from the simple to the most complex design in the country.

Our Red Carpet Experience begins with a belief that clients are the most important component to a successful business and that we want to create “clients for life”! It manifests itself in years of experience building great products, repeatable processes and systems that ensure a consistently high quality experience every time. Finally, it takes a team of well-trained people with the right attitudes focused on delivering an exceptional experience every time.

I’m proud of the reputation that we have built locally over the past twenty nine years. I’m particularly proud of the team of dedicated professionals in our world class service department. Their focus and commitment to delivering The Red Carpet Experience each and every day to each and every client is the Purpose for our existence.

As tangible proof that we deliver what we promise, we submit the following evidence:

We look forward to working with you on your next project. At Castro Roofing, we give you The Red Carpet Experience because you’re the Star!

If I can ever be of help to you, please call me directly on my cell phone 214-729-6893.

Rodolfo Rodriguez
Chief Dream Officer

Our Red Carpet Experience includes all of the following:

Professional Diagnosis and Technical Expertise

Our approach has always been that “we don’t sell windows and doors, but rather, help our clients buy windows and doors”. This process starts at a “measure call” where we listen to your needs, thoroughly examine the existing circumstances of your home and its construction and then use our years of experience to help you arrive at the best possible specifications to meet your budget and long term needs. Considerations like possible frame removals, glass area, emergency egress compliance in bedrooms, tempered glass requirements, ventilation, energy efficiency, infrared and ultraviolet light control, interior and exterior access and local building code requirements are all factored in to the advice we provide to you.

Designing a Beautiful Result

In addition to technical expertise, we’ll help you design window and door solutions that are beautiful, enduring and just right for your home. Drawing from a myriad of products, colors, styles, options and accessories, our professional staff will guide you through the selection process to an end result you’ll love and be proud of…for years to come.

Building Permits

We have an excellent working relationship with all of the local city and county building departments. We know their requirements and will advise you accordingly. We will do the required drawings, plot plans and paperwork necessary to comply with their requirements and schedule all necessary inspections.



Communication, Follow Up and Follow Through

We’re big on communication! We believe that the palest ink is better than the best memory so we make sure everything is in writing and that our paperwork is thorough, clear and concise. Additionally, we communicate early and often. We don’t expect you to read our minds and we won’t try to read yours. We’ll follow up and follow through and do what we say we will, when we say we will do it.

Protecting Your Property

We realize that your home is your castle. We take the necessary steps to protect your property, inside and out. We’ll leave your home at least as clean as we found it, if not cleaner. We’ll protect your floors, walls, countertops, belongings, etc. with the correct materials and safeguards.

Liability Insurance

The worst time to find out that someone doesn’t have insurance is after an accident. At Renewal by Andersen, we contractually obligate ourselves to you to have at least  $2,000,000 of liability insurance in effect at all times covering work in  progress and completed operations. We’ll gladly have a certificate of insurance  issued to you upon your request.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Did you know that if a worker is injured while on your property that you could be held personally liable for their injuries if there is not a valid workers compensation policy in effect with their employer? At Renewal by Andersen, we contractually obligate ourselves to you to have workers compensation insurance in effect at all times covering our installation employees. We’ll gladly have a certificate of insurance issued to you upon your request.

Drug Free Workplace & Background Checks

At Renewal by Andersen, we  won’t send anyone to your home or around your family that we wouldn’t have at  our own homes or around our own families. We’ve had a Drug Free Workplace  policy in effect since 1996. All of our team members are tested prior to their  hiring, randomly and for cause. Plus, all our team members go through extensive  background checks to make sure they are of the utmost character. You’ll enjoy  having them around your home and be amazed by their work ethic!


It’s often been said that there’s no substitute for experience. We believe this is so true. Our team members combine hundreds of years of experience and we communicate weekly at meetings to constantly improve in a never ending effort to learn.

Service After The Sale

When your installation is done, we’re not! Our relationship is just beginning. We’ll follow up with you through our Client Care Manager to make sure everything is as it should be and that you are happy. We’ll stay in contact with you. We have a full time service department should you ever have a need or concern. Our goal is to make you our client for life and a Renewal by Andersen raving fan forever!

An Attitude of Caring

The Red Carpet Experience we offer Castro Roofing is a byproduct of our understanding that you, the client, pay us our wages and allow us to have meaning and purpose to our work. Your business allows us to feed our families, provide a roof over our heads and provide for our futures. When we succeed in making you the Star and provide you with The Red Carpet Experience, we make friends, strengthen our future and validate our Core Values.

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