Phases of a Construction Project

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A roofing project is one of the most disruptive projects your building will take on. People working over your head, dusty falling, and possible exposure to the outside elements. These are only a few of the hundreds of factors it takes to deliver a successful project. Unfortunately, there is not a perfect process, but there are a set of defined actions a contractor can take. Below will outline a short summary of the industry best practices that will keep you in the loop and know what to expect.

Unfortunately, there is not a perfect process, but there are a set of defined actions a contractor can take.

Great contractors divide a project into three separate phases.

1) Pre-Construction

2) Construction

3) Post Construction

  1. Pre-Construction Phase
    The execution of the contract and ordering of the insurance certificate & bonds, is what officially starts our workflow. Starting with shop drawings and architectural details that we create for your review & approval. This is done before ordering materials or scheduling the project. After your paperwork is turned in for processing, you will be receiving a phone call from one of our Job Technicians to schedule a Job Preview and Pre-Construction Meeting. This meeting aims to review with you your job in detail, take final measurements, and confirm in writing the final, exact specifications for your job. Once the final specifications have been determined, you will be required to approve and sign off on them. A few days later, a copy of the specifications will be sent to you for your final review. Change orders can be made during this phase, before the official scheduling of your installation. Our Scheduling Manager will track the progress of your job as the custom materials are being produced. About the time we anticipate all of your materials being ready, our Scheduling Manager will call you to set up a time for the work to commence. For the final stage of this phase, we will agree on a monthly billing schedule if the project takes longer than one month.

  2. Construction Phase
    Four days prior to the start of the project, you will be contacted by our Project Manager informing you of the date and time. A document with all other protective measures for your employees and visitors will be provided. Safety is a core value and our safety consultant will visit your project at a minimum once per week, and our project superintendent will visit the project daily to ensure safety compliance is being met. Daily reports will be available upon request to keep you in the loop of the work occurring on the roof.

  3. Post Construction Phase
    Upon completing your job, our Project Manager will walk through your job with you, reviewing the condition and operation of each item and checking the final workmanship. You should feel free to ask any questions and express any concerns. Once your final payment (or signing of the Completion Certificate on financed jobs) is complete, we will provide you with a Mechanic’s Lien Release as well as the appropriate warranties for the products and work performed. After the work is completed make sure to take care of your new roof. 

Why take care of your new roof? Learn more.

If you should ever require service on the products or work performed by us, simply give our Service team a call or email, and your service will be handled in accordance with the terms of your warranties if applicable, and our standard service policies.

We deliver “Peace of Mind” in every project, guaranteed!

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