We Get To The Source Of Roof Leaks
To Make Sure They’re 100% Fixed—FOREVER.

Others Apply Band-Aids; We Provide Peace of Mind

Many people are shocked to learn that most roofing companies are TRAINED** to keep your roof leaking.

But it’s absolutely true. They want to charge you over and over again for the same repair. You might get frustrated and call another roofer after 10 or 15 failed attempts—but meanwhile, they’ve billed you for thousands of dollars.

At Castro Roofing, we don’t play the “repair merry-go-round” game with our customers. Instead of guessing what and where the problems are, we check with a water test before and after we make the repair. Our competitors think we are WEIRD for putting so much time and effort into repairs—but we keep doing it anyway BECAUSE IT WORKS.

Castro is also the only company in the country with a $5,000 Worst Leak Challenge—which means that if we can’t fix it, you don’t pay. Period. Click here to read all the details!

Leak Repair Comparison

Castro Other Roofing Contractors
Finding The Leak It’s a 2-man job; one applies a controlled water test; he uses a hose to apply water to narrow areas of the roof while the other man stands below (inside) to pinpoint when and where the leak occurs. One person “looks” for the problem and guesses where the source is.
Repair Method Strips the surface to prepare it, then uses (fill in the type of material here) to fix the leak. Usually applies “pookey” (caulk or similar) to areas he thinks might be a problem.
Real-Time Effectiveness Check Once the repair is made, a second water test is performed to makes sure the leak is fixed, and that no problems were missed. None; the worker simply leaves the pookey to dry.
Amount of Time To Repair Typical Leak 90 minutes, or until it passes the post-repair water test. 15-20 minutes; workers are under tremendous pressure to fill QUOTAS of repair jobs in a day (usually 8 to 10 per day).
Charge for Repair Depends on the severity of the problem and the time required to repair it. Generally $500 to $800. But all repairs are permanent and fully guaranteed. Usually a flat fee of $450, regardless of what is done or how long it takes (15-20 minutes usually).  The leak, however, is rarely actually fixed, which makes this a bad value at any price.
Warranty 100% Guaranteed for life; if the repair ever fails and we can’t fix it, we’ll give you your money back PLUS $5,000. You NEVER pay a second time for the same repair. “Tail Light” Warranty: When the roofer’s truck drives away, your warranty ends. You have to pay over and over again to have the same leak repaired.
Profitability  Model Charge a fair price for repairs and keep customers’ business for life—including multiple buildings and possible future re-roof projects. Charge you over and over again for the same repair… continually look for new customers who are tired of paying for ineffective work

**We have attended many industry trainings conducted by well-known and prestigious organizations, associations, and individuals who are well-respected in the roofing industry. A recurring theme that comes up over and over again, is the value (IN DOLLARS) of repetitive leak repairs. For instance, one common technique is to leave repair invoices open in anticipation of the next rainstorm… then going back and adding additional hours and materials to the original ticket when it inevitably (and by design) leaks again. There are other techniques equally as dubious, but you get the idea.


Getting Started with Your Roof Leak Strategy

Roof Leak is the first phase of providing a permanent solution to your nightmare roof leaks. This phase is compose of five key stages:

  • No Guessing
  • Right Materials
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Recheck
  • Permanent Leak Warranty

Getting started with NO GUESSING strategy

The traditional process of guessing where the roof leak is located on a commercial roof is old school and has proven to be a hit and miss best case scenario.

Castro Roofing never guesses where the roof leak is located because leaks could enter in one location and appear in a different location inside the building.

This is the reason we perform a controlled water test to locate the entry point and exit point of the water. I told you it was simple.


Use the RIGHT MATERIALS to match existing roof type

We typically see improper materials used to repair roof leaks. We call these materials “Pookey”. The pookey can be composed of caulk, tar and various other questionable materials are sometimes used. The problem is that these materials are typically not designed to be exposed to the UV light and are not compatible with the existing roofing material.

Castro Roofing only uses the best materials in the industry that are compatible with the existing roof type. In most cases, you can even see where we perform the repairs. What we are doing here is bringing back the roof to the way it should have been done from the beginning.


Superior Craftsmanship

The best material in the world, in  the hands of a butcher, will still give you a butchered job.

We call this the missing link, the secret sauce to our success.

Castro Roofing uses special training that has created North Texas best technician with a track record that has allowed us to provide the only 200% roof leak warranty in the roofing industry.


Recheck your work

“Measure twice, cut once,” is one of our favorite proverbs at Castro Roofing. Obviously it is a great rule for a carpenter. Cut the wood improperly and the piece is ruined. It’s faster to double-check than to make a mistake.

As commercial roof leak specialists this rule of thumb comes in handy.

Measuring twice means making sure the leak we thought was repaired is actually repaired before we leave the roof.

Castro Roofing performs a final controlled water test to make sure that the leak stopped. We have found in the past that some leaks entering the building come from different locations even doe they show up in the same place. By performing this final test we confirm that the leak was in fact permanently repaired. What better way to give our clients peace of mind.


The only PERMANENT ROOF LEAK WARRANTY in the roofing industry

Anyone can say they are roof leak repair specialists, but only one company will back its word in writing.

If Castro Roofing is unable to permanently repair your roof leak, not only will we refund 100% of the repair fee, we will also pay for another qualified contractor of your choice, up to $5,000. We are so confident in what we do, that we are willing to back it up… 200%

We want to let you know we’re up for a friendly wager. And, we won’t be asking you to wager any of yours or your company’s money.

All you need to do is tell me about your Worst Roof Leak ever, the nightmare leak that just won’t go away and give me a shot of repairing it. And we’ll guarantee we will repair it permanently. We call it our Worst Leak Challenge Guarantee.

If you’re starting to get the idea that Castro Roofing is not your typical roofing company, you are absolutely right and should be thrilled to find out that we stand behind our work like no other roofing contractor in the world.  This is why we can do the Worst Leak Challenge Guarantee.


It doesn’t matter what roofing company you seem to call.
It doesn’t matter how many times you get it “Repaired”.
It doesn’t matter how much money you throw at it… It never stops LEAKING. It just keeps coming back for you.

The Castro Roofing Permanent Leak Repair Process:
Give us your worst roof leak—ANY LEAK—and we will fix it permanently.
Guaranteed or we will pay you $5,000.

If you have a nightmare leak, contact us at:

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