Why Replace when you can Restore—for HALF THE PRICE?

Many old roofs can be restored for a fraction of the replacement cost

As a rule of thumb, you should replace your roof if the projected repair cost is 35% or more of the replacement cost.

But did you know that there is a third option?

One that, in many cases, beats the pants of replacing your roof? The innovative solution is to restore the existing roof with a time proven liquid roof system (not a cheap elastomeric paint coating).

Here’s how it works:

  • Roof Must Qualify: Not all roofs can be restored; in our experience, about 84% of the roofs that are normally replaced could be restore instead. Leaving only a small percentage needing total roof replacement.
  • Double-Check With The Manufacturer: Before proceeding, we always check with the material manufacturer to make sure that it’s a candidate for restoration.
  • Thermo-Check For Trapped Water: We use a thermo-scanning device (X-Vision) to check for any water that might be trapped under the roofing material; since we will essentially be sealing the entire roof, trapped water could lead to mold and decay. If water is found, we repair that section before continuing.
  • Apply the Liquid Roof System: The material waterproofs the entire roof and protects you against leaks and future damage.
  • Apply Wear Surface: We apply a top “wear” surface to protect the liquid roof system; it’s white or silver Energy Star rated material with special properties which reflect 85% of the harmful UV rays, while reducing your roof surface temperature by 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit. This reduction of roof temperature will also extend the roof life as well as your air conditioner equipment. The wear surface can be easily and inexpensively be re-applied every 20 years (cost is comparable to paint). This will permit the building owner the option to extend the manufacturer system warranty an additional 20 years.

The end result is a “new” (restored) roof that comes with the same 20-year labor and material warranty as a brand new roof… but only costs about HALF as much.

Other Benefits:

  • The surface is Energy Star approved, so it saves on your energy bills.
  • Since roof restoration is NOT considered a capital expense, you can write it off NOW instead of over 25 years.
  • Quick and easy to apply; no disruption of your normal building operations.
  • Continually extend labor and material warranty forever. Making UltraSHIELD the last roof you will ever need!

Getting Started with Your Roof Restoration Strategy

Roof Restoration is the best option to extend the life of your existing roof without having to remove and replace the old roof system. This phase is compose of four key stages:

  • Save $
  • 20-Year Labor & Material Warranty
  • Green Roof
  • Energy Star Rated Roof

20-year labor and material warranty for 1/2 the cost of a new commercial roof

Replacing your entire roof isn’t always necessary to increase its lifespan and quality. Roof restoration is a less expensive alternative to a full roof replacement. Castro Roofing’s UltraSHIELD restoration system involves installing an energy-efficient liquid-applied membrane over your existing roof. This membrane acts as a protective canvas for your roof and is secure, heat reflective, and leak proof.

Benefits of Roof Restoration

  • Converts your hot metal roof into a cool, energy-efficient white roof.
  • Provides a sturdy, durable topcoat to an existing roof.
  • Gives a long-lasting protection from wear and tear.
  • Economical and cost-efficient in roof protection.
  • Will even give aged roofs high durability.

Why Should You Invest In Roof Restoration?

  • Unlike other brands, our flexible restoration product bends along with the roof panels during temperature change.
  • It will not only stop, but also prevent leaks.
  • Our formula provides the roof with UV retardants, thus reducing thermal shock by reflecting a large portion of the sun’s rays.
  • The temperature of the roof will be lower, which will also lower energy costs during peak months.
  • No tear-off is required, so installation does not disrupt your day-to-day business.
  • Comes with a 20-year warranty.

Economic benefits of roof restoration

  • Roof restoration results in a savings of 50- 70% compared to the installation cost of complete roof replacement.
  • Roof restoration extends the useful life of the roof system by 10-20 years at which time there could be the opportunity to renew the application for another 10-20 years. In theory, it will be the last roof you will ever buy.
  • Application of roof coatings is not intrusive and causes little or no business interruption to the commercial or industrial building owner.
  • Typically roof restoration can be wholly expensed in the company’s fiscal year rather than capitalized, creating a tax savings for many companies.
  • Application of reflective “cool roof” coatings can create substantial energy cost savings by reducing roof surface temperatures, heat transmitted into the building, and the energy necessary to cool buildings.
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