Is a Ferrari a typical car?
Is Michael Jordan
a typical basketball player?
Is Picasso
a typical painter?

The owner of a Ferrari will not take his prized possession to the local repair shop. No, he will take it to a Ferrari specialist; someone that can be trusted to get the job done right.

Introducing the non-typical commercial roofing company

That’s a pretty big claim—stating that Castro Roofing is effectively the Michael Jordan or Picasso of Commercial Roofing.

It might even sound a little absurd; After all, there’s nothing particularly remarkable about roofing anyway, right? Reserve your judgment until you know the full story.

While it’s true that there is nothing particularly remarkable about most roofing contractors, you’ll quickly see that Castro Roofing is no ordinary commercial roofer.

We don’t simply climb a ladder, smother on a quick-fix, fast-fail solution and move on to the next job.

We do literally everything different.



We prevent problems from happening in the first place. We use forensic tools to detect hidden problems when leaks do occur. We use advance technology and

proven systems to extend the life of your commercial roof by 30%-40%.

We employ a small army of specialists—attorneys, architects, engineers, and consultants—to help you battle your insurance company if and when necessary. We offer alternatives to expensive roof  replacement. Just to name a few.

All of this saves you money. And time. And aggravation. Tons of all three.

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Why do business with Castro Roofing?

The Castro Roofing Standard

Above all else – Ethics. All Castro Roofing employees follow ethical business practices through training, empowerment, expectation, measurement, and award. A long history of “doing the right thing” has made Castro Roofing a company recognized for high ethical standards and performance.

Safety & Insurance – Safety is what protects us, insurance is what protects YOU! Castro Roofing’s Safety Manual is comprehensive. It has key elements from the Army Corps of Engineers, National Roofing Contractors Association and OSHA. It’s followed to the extent that Castro Roofing workers’ compensation present Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of .65 is among the lowest in all of the roofing industry (average EMR is 1.0) — a testament to Castro Roofing’s commitment to continuously improving our safety record.

Castro Roofing’s workers’ compensation coverage and general liability policies protect YOU from claims and lawsuits in the event an accident was to happen. Don’t let uninsured/under-insured subcontractors leave you exposed. Castro Roofing self-performs all roofing work (no roofing subcontractors are hired).

Roofing Manufacturer Recognition – 10 different, top of the line roofing solution manufacturers trust Castro Roofing to properly apply their roofing materials exactly in accordance with their specifications, to the point that some of them will extend their warranty an extra two years, conditions apply. (like must purchase a Castro Platinum Roof Maintenance Plan)

Design/Build – Castro Roofing offers a No Change Order Guarantee! If Castro Roofing designs your roofing solution, you won’t ever experience an increase in your project cost due to change orders. Think about that. How many times during your past roofing projects have you been faced with project cost overruns and delays due to change orders? Those can be things of the past with Castro’s No Change Order Guarantee.

Dedicated Site Supervisor (DSS) – You will know who your first line of contact is for all questions or concerns regarding your project. Your DSS, who speaks English, will be the one to attend all production meetings, supervise all Castro Roofing crews, and is responsible for safety and compliance with all project specifications. Your DSS is Castro Roofing main point of contact for you but you can call on anyone at Castro to resolve any outstanding issues at any time.

Communications Network – Along with your DSS and your ability to contact anyone at Castro Roofing at any time, you will have your Personal Client Project Status section on this website. Everything related to your project, password protected by you, can be reviewed in your section of this website. For a quick tour, click here.

RoofLife Extension Program – Castro Roof Maintenance Plans afford you excellent ways to maintain and, in some cases, extend your manufacturer warranty while helping you “buy” a new roof. Click here for more information

Formalized dispute resolution processes through Certified Contractors Network ( and/or the BBB. No one likes to contemplate a dispute arising at all, let alone one lingering unresolved to the point a formal process needs to be invoked. Things happen though and it’s much better to know and see just what remedies exist, long before lawyers need to be brought in to satisfactorily resolve such disputes. Castro has put the Castro Roofing Standard in effect to avoid the need for such processes at all but we all like to know they exist, just in case. Click here for More Information…

Buying Education – Rather than try to sell you anything, maybe something you don’t want or need, Castro Roofing would rather help you buy the roofing solution that’s right for you, not for us. This buying education comes in many forms. From how to understand the many nuisances of roof warranties to the 5 Dirty Secrets Roofing Contractors Don’t Want You to Know, Castro Roofing’s expertise with your roofing situation should be relied upon to get the right roofing solution, done right with you so delighted you become a…

Raving Fan – This is no fad program or catch phrase of the day. This is a commitment to make your experience while doing business with Castro Roofing so completely different and better when compared to all contractors, not just roofing contractors, that you’ll be a Raving Fan.

Castro Roofing doesn’t want satisfied clients. That would leave our relationship vulnerable to dissolution and that’s just not acceptable. To learn more about what all this means, and means to you, click here for Raving Fan information.

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