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 Introduction to our monthly newsletter – Crazy Little Thing Called FUN

Crazy Little Thing Called FUN

Before I realized roofing was hard work, it was a game for me — a challenge. I tackled my first roof at the age of eleven, and back then the work was simply a race to see if I could pull more shingles than the older guys. It was fun. Fast forward to 2016, and Castro Roofing is a nationally-recognized, top-rated roofing company with thirteen consecutive Gold Hammer awards for “Outstanding Commercial Projects,” Dallas Greater Business Ethics Award winner and many National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA) Gold Circle Award. We’re invested in maintaining a company Culture of Good that goes back to this elusive little thing we know as fun.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? I was born in Cuba. When Fidel Castro took over the Country, our family left and we moved to Spain, where my grandparents were born. We lived in Madrid, Spain for two-and-a-half years before AJ and myself moved to the United States as students. A few month later, our parents and younger brother joined us in Dallas. My uncles were already roofing here, and my father got involved in the trade alongside them. My brothers and I would work in the summertime and made a more money in one summer than most kids would make in a year at their part-time jobs.

At the time, I didn’t know how much these summers would impact my future.

I ended up going to college and receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Professional Photography Degree (of all things) from Brooks Institute, but was soon back to the roofing game when my father started his own business out of his garage. We grew the business from the ground up, and my father is still going strong as our quality control manager at the age of 82. We don’t think he’ll ever retire because he loves it so much. He’ll check in on the guys at the job sites because he’s a real people person and wants to make sure all is going well. Our crews calling and clients call him “El Capitan”.  As long as he doesn’t have to be in the office, he’s fine. My older brother, AJ, works in sales and helps design roof systems and solve problems. He has a lot of roofing knowledge. My younger brother, Juan, works in the office as a technical adviser, and is basically our walking encyclopedia.

Castro Roofing Is Dedicated To Strong Company Culture

A big part of our mission at Castro Roofing is to provide an environment where people are happy. This is paramount. Some vendors are surprised when they come to our office, because it looks more like a studio than a roofing company. We like to have a bit of fun with the way we present ourselves as a company through our colorful aesthetics. Just as we take a great deal of pride in making the roofing we do really shine, we care about making the office easy on the eyes, as well. I attribute this to my background in art, but it really all goes back to the idea of happiness and fun. Our office has a six-foot fish tank, and the corridors are adorned with awards alongside spoof movie posters with roofing-references. We truly “vow to wow” in every aspect of our operation.

We’re excited to present our monthly newsletter as a way to connect and build relationships. In the coming months, I’ll keep you informed about what is new around Castro Roofing, and provide some insight into my family’s life outside the business, as well. Our mission is very simple: We want people to be happy, find fun in what they do, and relate. We’re looking forward to including you in this journey.

At Castro Roofing, Culture is our strategy. See more in our Culture of Good page.

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