Our REPAIR warranty is straightforward and in writing: FOREVER.
Our REPLACEMENT warranty covers EVERYTHING for 10-20 YEARS.

There are dirty little tricks about roof warranties the building owner don’t know. Commercial roof warranties can be complicated due to the various options.

Lots of companies like to TALK about their great warranties. But very few can actually back them up.

In fact, most roofing companies give you what’s known as a “tail light warranty.” The job is guaranteed until you see the roofer’s truck taillights.

Castro Roofing has the strongest warranties in the industry—and it’s not even close. We can offer these warranties because our craftsmanship is so meticulous, and our processes are so thorough. Simply stated—we don’t mess up, so we’re not afraid to back up our work.

Repair Work – FOREVER

All roofing roof leak repairs are covered by Castro’s exclusive  LIFETIME warranty. There are no exceptions. There is no fine print. There are no exclusions. It’s real simple: if we fix a repair and it has a problem again in the future, we will fix it at OUR cost. Period.

Replacement Roofs – 10 to 20 Years

Most roofing companies will give a 1 or 2 year labor warranty on top of the manufacturer’s materials warranty. In practice, when problems come up, the manufacturer frequently tries to pass blame to the contractor, and you end up paying for repairs.

Not at Castro. Our labor warranty is for the same duration as the manufacturer’s materials warranty. If you purchase a 10-year roof, we cover the labor for those same 10 years. If you purchase a 20-year roof, Castro covers your labor for 20 years. Just like with our repair warranty, there are no exceptions, no fine print, and no exclusions.

Do not settle for less. If a roofer won’t match Castro’s warranties IN WRITING, keep looking. The problems you’ll have in the future just aren’t worth it. With Castro, we’ve got you covered FOR LIFE.

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