Avoid the hassle, expense, & aggravation of huge repair bills

Periodic Routine Maintenance Is The Key To A Healthy, Long-Lasting Roof

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

When it comes to commercial roofing, that truism might be rewritten to say, “$1,000 of preventative maintenance is better than paying $100,000 to $1 million+ in devastating repairs & replacements.”

It’s true—if you allow Castro Roofing to inspect and maintain your roofs, you can expect to extend the life of each roof by up to 30%… and avoid huge problems that come from unexpected leaks. Maintenance costs will be drastically reduced… which REDUCES STRESS for the building owner.

Here’s how it works:

It All Starts With A Survey: We’ll check every roof in your network, make an assessment and grade them on an easy-to-understand A to F scale, with comments and video/photo documentation for any/every potential problem along with actual repairs bids and budgets for future replacements. We believe that DATA is king to making smart roofing decisions.

Frequency: We can inspect quarterly, semiannually, or once per year. The older the buildings, the worse the roof’s condition, and the more important the building, the more frequent the surveys should be.

Survey Cost: Inspections start at $250 per building per visit, depending on the roofs’ size and complexity. These are extraordinarily detailed inspections, as detailed here.

Prevent Leaks: We’ve helped a municipality get nearly 400 persistent leaks after each rainstorm with over 600 buildings under control by proactively taking care of minor issues before they become major problems; that means the staff of seven they used to repair roof leaks can be used elsewhere.


Getting Started with Your Roof Maintenance Strategy

Maintenance, the second phase in extending the life of your roof, involves three unique stages:

  • Assessment
  • Budget Matrix
  • Prevention


Assessment helps reduce total repair costs

Not sure about your roofing repair and replacement options? Why not get an objective second opinion? We’ll provide a FREE diagnostic report of your roof identifying your priority maintenance issues.

Service Programs Designed To Reduce Roofing Costs

  • Extensively Trained, Professional Repair Technicians
  • Warranty Service from all Major Manufactures
  • Pre-Replacement Planning, Design and Budgets
  • Repairs To All Roofing Systems
  • 24-7 Emergency Service
  • Complete Architectural Sheet Metal Services
  • Three Types of Inspections and Evaluations
  • Castro Roofing LOOKOUT Roof Monitoring Program to extend roof-life.

“Our goal is to find innovative and cost-effective ways to extend the roof’s life without having to replace it.”

Interested in enrolling buildings into LOOKOUT™ Roof Monitoring Program? Click here! 


Budget Matrix

Planning for large expenditures are critical elements of the long-term, successful management and operation of most large businesses. Accurately identifying required large expenditures in advance allows top management to factor them into the overall business plan during the planning period.

Budgeting for the next business year or 10 years from today is paramount. It is also crucial to identify the expenditure amount with a high level of accuracy.  Moderately over-budgeting the cost of a project is generally accepted (even sometimes valued) by top management, if the project comes in under budget.

Alternatively, with the high cost of roofing materials, under-budgeting project costs especially after approval can result in serious repercussions upon the project initiator. When talking to building owners/ mangers about projects that have come in over budget, it is usually the result of an ill-equipped contractor. They either ignore building codes, neglect insurance requirements, poorly evaluated the existing conditions and/or implemented inadequate design.

During our decades of roofing experience, the most common mistakes made in identifying roof replacement costs include:

Misidentifying the existing roof system/building components and the condition/function of each.

  • What is the existing roof assembly make-up? How are the components attached to themselves and the deck?
  • What is the condition of and thermal resistance (R-Value) of the insulation components?
  • Can this roof be effectively recovered with another roof system? What type of roof deck exists and what is its condition?
  • Does the deck provide structural slope or is slope/drainage presently provided/enhanced by tapered insulation?

Not accounting for non-related roof work.

  • Are there obsolete roof fixtures/equipment that would best be removed and deck openings closed?
  • Is there roof equipment that need to be raised or remounted on new supports  to allow effective flashing height and/or methods to meet Florida’s new code requirements?
  • Are there older pieces of roof-mounted equipment that needs replacement?

Contractors who do not comply with various building codes.

  • Building codes are “the law of the land” and an owner risks incurring penalties for non-compliance.
  • Many building insurance policies have specific rigid requirements owners must follow to avoid cancellation or at a minimum, higher premiums.

Better information drives better roofing decisions”

Interested in enrolling buildings into LOOKOUT™ Roof Monitoring Program? Click here!



“It Pays To Maintain”

There is no doubt that preventative maintenance on your roofing system will extend the life of your roof. The secret is out! Often, preventative maintenance measures can more than double the life of your roofing system.

Just like a car needs regular oil changes and tire rotations, your roof needs the same care to extend its life. We identify small problems and fix them before they become big and expensive problems.

Our approach is simple. We perform quarterly, or biannual or annual inspection and video and photo document all deficiencies and existing roof conditions. We clean out any debris around roof drains, gutters and make minor repairs to small potential problems.

You will receive access to your own password protected web portal with the history of all your roofs, recommendations, budgets and much more at the palm of your hand. We call this Controlling your assets. Your report will include the information you need to make timely, cost-effective smart roofing decisions.

“LOOKOUT™ Roof Monitoring minimizes total roofing cost by eliminating expensive repairs”

Interested in enrolling buildings into LOOKOUT™ Roof Monitoring Program? Click here! 


The “Matrix” is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the Truth.

What is the truth? That roof life cannot be extend by a maintenance program, that roof leaks can be permanently repaired!  Unfortunately, nobody can be told, “What is LOOKOUT Roof Monitoring Program” or “What is a permanent leak repair?” You have to see it for yourself. This is your last chance! After this, there is no turning back from your Budget Crisis and Nightmare Leaks.

You take the blue pill and the story ends…you wake up and believe that roof life cannot be extended and a roof leaks cannot be repaired permanently.

You take the red pill and Castro Roofing will show you the truth! How you have been lied to and how deep the rabbit-hole goes. Remember, all we are offering you, is the truth!

This program is designed to provide you as a building owner or facility manager with a general understanding of the current condition your roof.
Roof Maintenance
Roof Maintenance
Roof Maintenance
Questions, should you be Reactive, Proactive or Just Replace your roof?
Ultimate Roof Asset management program
Ultimate Roof Asset management program
Ultimate Roof Asset management program
When managing multiple roofs, you need to be confident that your roofing program will perform and deliver.
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