If your roof is going to leak, it will be this weekend… #bethehero

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We generally don’t want or expect to hear “drip, drip, drip” with snow and temperatures this cold. However, the reality is that winter is usually harder on your roof than any other part of the year. Ice, snow, and the natural movement of your roof may cause uncommon leaks to form. If this does happen, it can leave you asking, “Is it time to replace my roof?”

The short answer is no. When the weather gets this cold, it naturally shrinks or contracts. This is normal for a roof system, but this extreme weather can cause additional stress when all the parts in your roof system start pulling against each other.

Here is why Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be the days to pay attention to.

Right now, you have a frozen pool on your roof. When the temperatures rise, the ice and snow will slowly melt. This is much harder on your roof because the #1 goal of a roof is to get the water off a quickly as possible. This slow melting process will give any voids or weak points days of constant water pushing to get through. Don’t forget about your areas of sealant (Walls, penetrations, and windows). They are also enduring extreme stress. 

Here is how you can be the “HERO” of your company this weekend:

  1. Let your team know about the possibility of issues (not just roofing).
  2. Get your resources ready. Have your primary vendor’s info in hand.
  3. Get photos or mark the location.

a. The issues may not be as simple to find because your roof is a frozen pool currently. Take photos or mark the floor where the water is located.

  1. DONT use a large can to catch water unless it’s on rollers. A 55-gallon trash can weigh up to 400lbs when full of water.
  2. Be transparent with your vendors. If this is at risk of destroying assets, let your contractor know, “We need help now.” Transparent expectations are critical to a successful relationship.

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