Texas Woman’s University – Blaqq-Huey Library

Award Winner – Gold Hammer Award for Outstanding Commercial Project 


The Texas Woman’s University (TWU) Blagg-Huey Library had multiple unique characteristics most of which was the center piece of the entire building – an unreachable copper clad copula. Therefore, a scaffolding system was erected to encompass the entire copula to allow the workers to safely have access to the area. The old copper shingles were removed and new custom-sized copper interlocking shingles were installed. The copula surface was not “flat/even-planed” but rather “radiused,” thereby adding an even greater level of difficulty.

There were also three other copper covering styles installed depending on the location and particular attributes needed for waterproofing and aesthetic considerations. The stair scaffolding was also unique. Access via the stair scaffolding was not only to reach the roof level’s edge at the composition roof but also to go up the composition
roof’s steep incline to the flat modified bitumen roof at its apex. In addition, the front main entrance had multiple pedestrian overhead protection scaffolds erected to allow pedestrian traffic during library operations.

Finally, the three type of roof systems were damaged by hail. Castro Roofing’s Storm Hawks special storm unit performed forensic analysis of all roof systems and other portions of the property. The Storm Hawks Storm Damages Analysis to provide proof of damaged, which the TWU used to negotiate and received brand new roofs meeting current building codes. The original offer by the insurance company only included patch repairs to the asbestos containing concrete roof tiles and $66K were aloud to make the repairs. Castro Roofing’s Storm Hawks forensic report, helped get all roofs including the copper gutters, special design copper collector heads, copper panels, asbestos roof tiles and the modified bitumen roof were paid for with $1.8M.

This re‐roofing project started with a major hail storm and insurance claim which Castro Roofing of Texas assisted in evaluating the storm damage and developing the scope of work for replacement.  Then successfully completed this complex roofing project.

The building consists of three main types of roofing systems on several different roofing platforms.  The main roof is a high pitch roof originally with a synthetic slate that contained Asbestos thus requiring abatement.  This roof was replaced with a premium asphalt shingle that resembles slate in appearance but is more hail resistant.  The upper flat areas between the high pitch roofs is a modified bitumen system and some lower roofs, as well as the center cupola, are copper standing seam systems.

All three roof types were completely replaced as was the main copper flashing and the copper gutters and downspouts.  The craftsmanship on the copper is superb and the center copula required extensive scaffolding.  Along with the roof replacement, a comprehensive fall protection system was added on all the roofs.

Upon completion of the roof replacement of this centrally located and high profile building our department started receiving many compliments from across campus on how great the building now looked.”

Donald L. Strickland, Director, Construction Services, Facility Management & Construction  Texas Woman’s University


Texas Woman’s University

What we did

Performed storm damage forensic analysis to prove to the insurance company more than just a few tile shingles were damaged by hail. We abated the asbestos tile shingles, copper roofs, copper copula and modified bitumen roof system. Replaced all roof systems with he highest level of craftsmanship (won the 2018 Gold Hammer Award for Outstanding Commercial Project) and brought roof systems to current International Building Code (IBC). In addition, we provided design assistance to the roof consultant.



NTRCA Gold Hammer Award

Asset 21

1st Place Winner: Outstanding Commercial Roofing Project

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