Rusk State Hospital

Award Winner – Gold Hammer Award for Outstanding Commercial Project plus Golder Circle Award for Safety Innovation


Access and operations presented a challenge because construction could not interfere with the daily activities of the facility’s residents and staff. The fact that Rusk State Hospital is an accredited inpatient hospital that focuses on psychiatric treatment and care, signified various dilemmas for our presence. As is appropriate, the hospital demands a higher standard for patient rights, patient treatment and excels in providing safe, high-quality care for its residents.

This fact translated into the importance of being extremely cautious and demanded that visual or physical distractions be kept to a minimum. Due to the sensitive nature of the residents, the noise level was also a concern especially during demolition. Castro Roofing coordinated all work in such a manner that facility operations continued with minimal disturbance. Daily meetings with hospital staff were necessary as communication was essential. Large, temporary fences were installed around work areas to keep visibility from patients to a minimum.

Access to existing buildings, facilities, parking, streets and walkways had to remain unrestricted at all times. During this project, Castro Roofing fully complied with all requests, was pro-active and accomplished the goal in keeping the hospital’s daily routines going without interruption.

Other obstacles involved were of logistical and technical nature. The hospital is approximately 125 miles southeast of Dallas, Texas. The two and a half hour one-way drive presented our crews with five hours of daily driving to and from the job-site, not including the drive employees had to make to the crew trucks located at the corporate office in Dallas.


Dealing with a facility that houses and provides care for a large spectrum of people from the criminally insane to the mentally impaired posed many potential problems. The hospital also houses the elderly, special children and people that are physically challenged, emotionally abused or disconnected from society. We deeply respect the great humanitarian efforts at Rusk State Hospital as well as the residents seeking help at the facility. Knowledge of the delicate nature of the daily routines assisted in the scheduling of this project.

The Texas summer was not very forgiving as temperatures soared over
the hundreds on long summer days as gas prices tried to match rising temperatures with soaring fuel costs. Our crews wisely went over project details, had productive informational meetings, stayed hydrated and got some well deserved rest during the drives. As the end of the project neared, crews stayed close to the location to save time, fuel and money when possible.

“the two and half hour one-way drive presented our crews with five hours of daily driving”


Texas Health and Human Services Commission

What we did

• removal of metal roof panels and existing wood shakes
• installation of ¾” plywood decking, ice &water shield and 30 lb felt
• installation of 24 gauge pre-finished standing seam metal roof system
• installation of lightweight insulated concrete deck system to provide positive drainage over entire roof surface
• removal of rust from metal deck, prime per manufacturer’s specs
• installation of tapered Polyisocyanurate insulation on metal deck
• installation of torch grade Modified Bitumen base sheet
• installation of torch grade Modified Bitumen cap sheet



NTRCA Golden Hammer Award

Asset 16

 1st Place Winner: Outstanding Commercial Roofing Project

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