John Peter Smith Hospital

Award Winner – Gold Hammer Award for Outstanding Commercial Project


The JPS Health Center for Women new construction was a challenging project, not only to estimate but also to execute. From BUR gravel roof system to the very detail curved metal roofing system, this project required creative solutions from planning through completion.

A large interest is always shown in a high profile project such as JPS Health Center for Women. As the bid date approached we analyzed the various phases and the requirements set forth in the Bid Documents to properly clarify details in the scope of work to our production team to insure proper quotes. We reviewed the scope of work to analyze all the client’s special requirements such as a curved standing seam metal roof, metal wall panel, A-typical insurance requirements, site restrictions, construction safety issues, environmental concerns and public safety interest. Out of the several bids that were submitted, Castro Roofing of Texas was considered the only responsive contractor and awarded the project.

Coming into the project, we knew that one of the most challenging areas was going to be the four-sided barrel roof. The architect expressed his concerns due to the intricate and complex decking design, but nothing excites the design and production team of Castro Roofing as an opportunity to rise to a challenge. And this was a challenge.

Due to the imperfections in the installation of the decking, the architect’s design vision would not be realized. After a consultation between the architect, general and subcontractors, it was determined that the only feasible thing, considering the schedule restraints, and the simple fact that the structure was welded, it would not be feasible for the deck to be replaced. Therefore the only solution was that Castro Roofing would have to improvise. The production team was pulled together and took the very difficult task of correcting this problem but managed to “squeeze blood from a turnip”.  We took a crooked building and made it straight.

We knew from the beginning this project would be one of the most challenging new construction roofing projects to date. Due to the high profile of this project, the owner utilized several entities, including internal and external property management, in addition to an external roofing consultants to co-manage the construction.


JPS Health Network

What we did

Installed built-up asphalt roof, standing seam curved metal roofs, & metal wall panel.



NTRCA Golden Hammer Award

Asset 13

1st Place Winner: Outstanding Commercial Roofing Project 

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