University of Houston Science Center

Award Winner – Gold Hammer Award for Outstanding Commercial Project and Gold Circle Award


Extensive Roof Penetrations

What makes this project unique is the 180 roof penetrations we had to work around without hindering the daily scientific experiments of the Science Center.

No Disconnection of Power

The majority of the units had to be lifted 1 inch from the roof’s surface to enable the roof membrane to be installed underneath them.

14,400 Ft. of Electrical Conduit

14,400 feet of electrical conduit had to be raised to remove existing roof system without disconnection of power. The new roof system had to be carefully installed underneath the electrical conduit. After roof was completed, the conduit had to be re-positioned with new conduit supports and new protections pads.

Please accept this letter of recommendation in regards to the working relationship between Castro Roofing and Armko Industries, Inc. Recently both companies had the opportunity to work together on the re-roofing project for The University of Houston Science Center.

As you well know, Armko’s relationship is with the Owner acting as their agent on such projects. Our obligation is to provide specifications and details for the explicit conditions and issues to be resolved per the current codes and requirements. Armko is responsible for the development of the plans and specifications, contractor evaluation, oversight, and quality control of the roofing and/or waterproofing replacements of this type of project.

Because of the nature of the serious complexities of the University of Houston Science Center, and the continual occupancy of the facility, there were many issues that could have quickly made the project become impaired and dramatically weakened had the contractor not attended to the project at hand. With neglect, there could have been projecting altering issues, which would have caused the University to have major downtime issues. With the successful removal and installation by Castro Roofing, the outcome for the client was a successful undertaking. The client was fortunate to have Castro Roofing as the contractor for this project.

With the complexity of this project, it would have been detrimental for the client had the facility needed to be evacuated or shut down due to negligence of a contractor; this was not the case with Castro Roofing.

We have been in the roofing industry as consultants since 1983 with a broad experience in the industry and find that many contractors do not pay attention to the project as Castro Roofing did. Many times we find ourselves working with a roofing organization that gives a less than desirable result. Castro’s level of expertise and qualifications were outstanding, and with that, I say thank you for a job well done.

Your team’s insight and ability to understand and collaborate with Armko and the Owner ensured that any unforeseen issues resulted in resolutions, not problems, and was a tremendous help. Your company delivered a more quality and timely result to the Client than was originally expected.

We look forward to the next project with Castro Roofing and trust that this level of expertise will be taken to those future projects.

Armko would recommend Castro Roofing as an asset to any Owner’s portfolio of contractors.”

Mike Perry, Building Envelope Consultant, Armko Industries



University of Houston

What we did

Removed existing BUR System & installed new fleece-back adhered thermoplastic membrane, wood blocking and related sheet metal flashing.

Mechanically fastened vented base sheet to lightweight concrete deck.

Adhere 3″ insulation and 5/8″ SECUROCK gypsum fiber roof board with hot asphalt

Adhere 3 piles of fiberglass sheets type 6 with hot asphalt

Adhere 60mil fleece-back TPO membrane with hot asphalt and heat welded side laps.



NTRCA Golden Hammer Award

Asset 19

 1st Place Winner: Outstanding Commercial Roofing Project

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