Fair Park Hall of State

Award Winner – Gold Hammer Award for Outstanding Commercial Project plus Golder Circle Award


The Mezzanine portion of this project also posed a unique situation where holes had to be cut into the deck. No roofing contractor would ever purposely expose the inside of a building to the elements, especially this particular building. Nevertheless, six large holes measuring roughly 4’ x 4’ to 16’ x 30’ were cut through the gypsum and concrete decks in order to allow access for other sub-contractors to work the interior of the building, leaving said interior completely exposed for short periods of time.

Castro Roofing’s role involved fabricating a temporary wood curb with intermediate wood cross members while using plywood and an EPDM membrane to cover the roof. A temporary tie-in was also prepared and attached to the existing old gravel roof system.

This temporary system subsisted for several months until the interior work was completed. Afterwards, a 22 gauge galvanized metal deck was inserted and filled with insulation to the level of the rest of the decking before the rest of the roof system was installed.


City of Dallas

What we did

Cold Application of SBA Modified Bitumen

• Tear-off of existing roof down to Gypsum Deck
• Mechanically attach PermaPly 28 base sheet with UltraLok Fasteners
• Full taper insulation system at select areas with Urethane Insulation Adhesive
• Adhere 2.8” ISO Insulation and ½” Duraboard with Urethane Insulation Adhesive
• Adhere DynaBase and DynaKap FR membrane with MBR Cold Application Adhesive

NRCA Gold Circle Award

Asset 19

 1st Place Winners: Outstanding Workmanship

NTRCA Golden Hammer Award

Asset 21

1st Place Winner: Outstanding Commercial Roofing Project

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