Cedar Hill Government Center

Award Winner – Gold Hammer Award for Outstanding Commercial Project plus Golden Circle Award


The Cedar Hill project was unique in various ways as it consisted of multiple one story and four story buildings joined together by a dynamic arched atrium roof structure measuring 320’ long x 90’ wide, that reached 71’ at it’s highest point.

The 7 box structures were joined by numerous covered walk ways and canopies that were masterfully placed throughout the facility to add beauty while remaining practical for use as the arched atrium roof structure utilized roofing panels to shed water in the direction of gravity but parallel to the natural slope and subtle radius of the glued laminated roof deck.

Roofing panels were laid at 30 degree angles per specifications and 12 dormers were laid throughout the roofing system matching the same pitch. The pitch ranges for the roofing system were from 4:12 through 12:12. The inside of the atrium roof structure is equally pleasing to the eye as it also serves as a source of natural light making the facility more energy efficient.


City of Cedar Hill & Cedar Hill ISD

What we did

Mechanically Seamed Standing Seam Metal Roof, Modified Bitumen Membrane Roof, Plaza Deck Paver System, wood blocking and related Sheetmetal.

• 24-GA pre-finished sheet metal trim
• Interior ceiling custom fabricated star shaped copper decoration – 23 ft long
• Plaza Pavers – 2” x 2” by 24”
• 24 GA pre-finished siding on multiple raised skylights, louvers and walls
• Custom wood blocking
• Lightning protection – wiring was run on top of the metal system’s wood deck – insulation was cut to accommodate



NRCA Gold Circle Award

Asset 18

1st Place Winner: Outstanding Workmanship

NRCA Gold Circle Award

Asset 17

1st Place Winner: Outstanding Commercial Roofing Project

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