Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant

Award Winner – Gold Hammer Award for Outstanding Commercial Project plus Golden Circle Award for Safety Innovation


In any United States power plant, security is first and foremost, especially at a nuclear power plant. The Comanche Peak Nuclear Pow-er Plant is no different.
Background checks on all Castro Roofing personnel were performed and the roofing crews were escorted by several armed guards at all times. “It generally took us well over an hour just to get on the premises,” exclaimed project foreman Marcos Perez, “I’ve never felt so safe in all my life.”

The Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant guards and employees take their jobs very seriously, but the Castro Roofing crews did not mind the added security one bit.
“Our roofing crews understand the gravity of working in highly secured areas like the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant,” said Castro Roofing CEO Rudy Rodri-guez, “We were happy to oblige the plant representatives in any way to help get the project done in a safe and expedient manner.”

The removal of the existing roofing system and the installation of the new one posed a challenge too. Performing roof work on a nuclear facility obviously presented many challenges, from high-voltage wires  to extremely hot steam pipes. All of the areas of  the project were also well protected. Some were covered with a heavy mesh system so that birds or other small animals could not enter, which impeded the workers. This added to the already cumbersome method of  removing the old roof system  and bringing in the new.


Luminant Generation Company LLC

What we did

A new BUR roofing system was then installed on a clean and primed deck consisting of two plies of premium fiberglass felt and 60 mil Hyload 150E, all adhered using Type IV hot asphalt — The roof was then finished with a flood coat and gravel using asphalt Type IV.



NTRCA Golden Hammer Award

Asset 22

 1st Place Winner: Outstanding Commercial Roofing Project

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