We have people coming in here all the time saying they’re the best roofers. So far, they’ve all been WRONG.

Another impossible roofing dilemma: Case Study #298 – “White Settlement ISD”

The people at White Settlement ISD know how difficult it is to find a good roofing contractor. After speaking with Castro Roofing, they gave us a shot at their worst leak — a skylight that had been leaking for 20 years. The first thing we saw were the different layers of “pookey” and different types of roofing material that demonstrated multiple attempts to repair the 20 year old leaky skylight. It was so bad that the school principal had accepted the fact that NOBODY could fix the leak and had actually stopped calling the facilities manager to complain. A 50 gallon barrel became a permanent fixture as it was used as the solution for the unstoppable leak.

To remedy the problem Castro Roofing had to find out where the leak was actually coming from so we soaked the roof area with a water hose. When the leak appeared, Castro Roofing’s finest removed the skylight and found the problem was with the fittings and fasteners. We replaced these items and quickly reassembled the skylight and it has not leaked since.

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Dallas Performance Hall
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