“The roof was completely shot and riddled with leaks”

BuyBoard Case Study #205 – Texas Department criminal Justice “Sanders Estes Unit”

When It Rained It Seemed Like Mop Buckets And Wet Floor Caution Signs Outnumbered The Staff At The Sanders Estes Unit.

Enter Castro Roofing. When we arrived many of the cafeteria workers, janitors and even officers made sure we knew that the roof was completely shot and riddled with leaks. They were convinced that no matter what we did, no one could stop the countless leaks they had learned to live with through the years.
Given the highly sensitive nature of the Unit’s inhabitants, superb

communication and interaction was essential between Castro Roofing and the prison’s staff. After the re-roof job was completed, the staff and even some of the inmates went out of their way to report “NO MORE LEAKS!”

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