Nobody would even attempt to fix Lewisville ISD’s leaky arch

Another impossible roofing dilemma: Case Study #152 – “Lewisville ISD”

The Arlington Convention Center has been having problems with their roof for the entire 25 years the building has existed. After proven that Castro Roofing was capable of doing the job by repairing some of the city’s worst leaks, the re-roof project at the Convention Center was awarded to Castro Roofing through a State Approved Cooperative Purchasing Program.
During the project Castro Roofing discovered that faulty material had been delivered from the manufacturer that would have caused more nightmares in the future. Even though we had to stop production, Castro Roofing notified the city of the defective material. While Castro Roofing waited for the new material to be delivered, the Convention Center had already booked several high-level events and on top of that the region was experiencing a torrential downpour. Castro Roofing went above and beyond the call of duty to keep the Convention Center and ALL the events warm and dry! After the new material arrived, Castro Roofing made sure the roofing material was installed properly. Since the work was performed the building has remained as DRY as it is BEAUTIFUL.

Dallas Performance Hall
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Dallas Performance Hall
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