The City of Dallas wanted the impossible.

Another Award Winner: Gold Circle Safety Innovation + Golden Hammer Award for Outstanding Commercial Project – Dallas Performance Hall

The longest standing seam metal panel in North America.

The Dallas City Performance Hall used the Longest Kalzip® Panels in North America. Because of this, the length of the panels presented logistical and hoisting challenges. Some of the lengths were 75 feet, 90 feet, and 146 feet, but the longest and hardest to handle were the 306 foot panels. For the first three lengths, a custom-built hoist was used to raise the panels to the roof surface without any damage to the light-gauge metal. However, the longest panels had to be manually lifted by twenty men on the roof and twenty men on the ground. Coordination was key, and thus, the men on the roof had to lift at the same time to avoid damaging the sensitive panels.

Also, the metal panel field fabrication required a significant amount of space. For the longest panels, which measured 306 feet, an adjacent busy road had to be shut down to allow for the necessary space for the panels’ fabrication. After that, the twenty member team on the ground was evenly positioned to safely move the panels next to the building, and the twenty member team positioned on the roof hoisted the metal panels.

Finally, many of the roof assembly components came from Europe, thereby necessitating careful ordering and tracking of these components. This was critical because shipping costs were high and lead times were extensive.

Dallas Performance Hall
Client:  City of Dallas
Project:  Dallas Performance Hall
Roof Problems Extremely long single panel design
Key Result North America longest single piece metal panel

Dallas Performance Hall

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