Learn About Ultra SHIELD in Action during School Roofing Projects

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There’s no better way to understand the good Ultra SHIELD does than to see the benefits it provides to real-world customers. We’ve assisted more than one school district in getting its school roofs in shape with Ultra SHIELD, and it feels good to be the roofing company that actually solves the roof problems!

Rampant Leaks

There was a school that had purchased a “Mercedes” roof system a while back. In other words, it had sprung for the most expensive materials possible, but apparently chose the wrong roofer for the job. The materials might have been great, but the installation wasn’t done properly.

Before we came to help, the school was using 55-gallon barrels to catch all the rain from rampant leaks throughout the school. These leaks lasted for thirteen years as school officials went from roofer to roofer trying to get the roof done right. They even went back to the original roofer, and he was going to help free of charge—but after seeing how bad the problem was, he decided he had to charge for it, and the school turned him down!

Finally, Castro earned the contract after AJ made a presentation to the school board. We used our expertise and Ultra SHIELD to turn this disaster into an amazing success.

A Money-Saver

Another school district had hired an architect to redo its school roofs, which had a hefty price tag of $1.6 million! I just happened to meet the superintendent at a trade show, and he started talking about how they would have to redo these school roofs. I told him I’d go take a look.

It turns out, the roofs were restorable after all! We used Ultra SHIELD and got the whole project done for $1 million less than the architect would have. It just goes to show how often other contractors and roofers offer pricey solutions to roofing problems.

The most amazing thing is how expensive these “solutions” from other roofers are. Many facilities managers have come to believe that leaks are just an inevitability because of how often they occur after bad or unscrupulous roofing companies do their jobs, but they’re not.

Hopefully, these examples show how far we go to help our customers enjoy great roof performance and peace of mind.
Roofing above the rest,

Rudy Rodriguez
Chief Executive Dreamer

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