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Ultra SHIELD is a unique material designed to help protect commercial roofs. Where many roofs can end up discolored, faded, cracked, crumbling, or damaged, Ultra SHIELD can ensure a longer, healthier lifespan for your roof.

Special Properties of Ultra SHIELD

It has a number of special properties that you can’t find anywhere else. Here are just a few. It is:

● Capable of 400 to 600 percent elongation, with 100 percent memory
● Self-cleaning
● Reflective

Let’s look at how these properties can make your roof safer and more durable over the years!


As you probably know, changes in temperature will cause the materials in a roof to expand and contract. Thermal movements occur naturally in a roof system, with the potential for about ¼ inch per teen feet. Due to rapid, wide swings in temperature, your roof can experience cracks and other damage that cause it to deteriorate.

Fortunately, Ultra SHIELD has elongation of 400 to 600 percent, which means it will expand with the roofing surface and protect it. Plus, thanks to 100 percent memory, Ultra SHIELD knows how to go back to where it started!


You know how big a headache it can be to take care of a roof, but thankfully, Ultra SHIELD makes it easier than ever. I’m reminded of this every time I look at roofs without Ultra SHIELD. These are quality Energy Star roofs that start out a vibrant white, and in just five years, they’re completely black with dirt!
If you use Ultra SHIELD with a white roof, even after five years you still need shades to look at it! That’s because it cleans itself. How is it possible for a roof to “clean itself”? It’s simply the fact that it doesn’t get dirty in the first place. Dirt can’t stick to Ultra SHIELD, so it just runs off. You can help it along by washing away the dirt, but your roof will stay safe and clean!
This is a far cry from other products, many of which actually attract dirt!


Another big advantage of Ultra SHIELD is its property of reflectivity. In a roof without Ultra SHIELD, we’ve seen roof surface temperatures of 180 degrees or more! That’s going to cause enormous energy bills as your air conditioning works overtime trying to fight against the staggering heat.

With Ultra SHIELD’s reflectivity, much of the heat is reflected away from the roof surface. All told, you can see roof temperatures drop thirty to sixty degrees compared to roofs without Ultra SHIELD. The competition can make similar claims at first, but over time, the roofs lose much of their reflectivity as they attract dirt over the years.

You can see that the properties of elongation, self-cleaning, and reflectivity are huge boons to your roofing system! I encourage you to look into this amazing product for the health and longevity of your roof.

Roofing above the rest,
Rudy Rodriguez
Chief Executive Dreamer

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