People Make the Difference

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There’s a truth in roofing that really applies in all kinds of situations, which is this: people make the difference.

We’ve seen countless examples of customers who chose roofers because their bids were lower, and regardless of the quality of the materials that roofer used, the results didn’t turn out very well.

Why? Because it’s the expertise of the people that determines how well a project will turn out.

Take this as an example. Hand the average guitar player a custom $10,000 guitar, and he or she might sound pretty good on that fantastic instrument. Now, hand a guitar legend like Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page a pretty average guitar, and you’ll hear some amazing music.

The moral of the story is, if you have a limited budget for roofing, it’s still smarter to hire people who know what they’re doing and use a more modest material than to hire a roofer who’s cheap.
Time and time again, Castro Roofing proves it has the expertise and the equipment to do the job right. Hiring us will make the difference!

Roofing above the rest,

Rudy Rodriguez
Chief Executive Dreamer

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