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All of us at Castro and Storm Hawks are proud to be a part of the Certified Contractors Network (CCN). We are big believers in this elite organization of contractors, roofers, and construction professionals.

There are plenty of reasons why I’m a proponent of CCN. For one thing, it’s not an organization built to teach the technical aspects of construction – instead, it’s there to assist with properly running a successful company, including sales planning, business planning, and more.

Best of all, the networking aspect of CCN means that I get to talk with – and learn from – elite roofers and contractors from all over the country, which improves the quality of service we can provide our customers.

A Little History

I’ve been part of CCN for about 12 years, and I’m one of the committee members that offers input. Over my time with CCN, I’ve seen a lot of excellent and inspirational things. One hugely valuable thing I took away from CCN is the importance of modeling my roofing company after a three legged stool, with each leg of the stool representing a different department of the company. These include the admin department, sales department, and production department.

Ideally, all of the departments are equally strong, because if one of them is weak, the whole stool will fall over. In terms of a business, you need all three departments to work together to support the whole or it just doesn’t work!

I’ve learned many other things from all the wonderful people in CCN – too many to count! As you can see, we’re very pleased to be involved in such an upstanding organization as Certified Contractors Network. If you want to know more about CCN, you can go to their website or contact us!
Storm Hawk Commander-in-Chief,
Rudy Rodriguez

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