“Nobody would even attempt to fix lewisville ISD’s leaky arch”

Another impossible roofing dilemma: Case Study #152 – Lewisville ISD

Castro Had The Problem Solved In Less Than An Hour

The arch in the entry way is the visual center for the entire school and people comment on how stunning it is all the time. What most people didn’t know is that the beautiful arch leaked from the first day it was installed back in 1989. The original roofer couldn’t fix it and through the years several other roofers refused to even look at it because they thought it was too dangerous to inspect.

Castro Roofing came out and used safety equipment to examine the arch. They quickly discovered that the wrong rivets had been used in several places resulting in an extremely easy-to-fix leak. Less than an hour later the repair was complete and it has never leaked since. Castro Roofing has now repaired over 450 leaks for Lewisville ISD.

Dallas Performance Hall

Client Success Story #152

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Dallas Performance Hall
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