AJ RodriguezVice President

Since founding Castro Roofing in 1990 with his brothers, Rudy and Juan, AJ has been on a mission not to just find a woman that understands him, but a mission to find people who want that leak fixed once and for all.

AJ has 30 years of technical roofing knowledge stored in his head. Information that any point in time he can recall. This knowledge and expertise helps ensure that when he comes to see you he can not only answer all your questions, but assist in finding  the best and most cost effective solution to help your business’s roofing needs.

AJ now serves as Vice President at Castro, and it is truly a pleasure working with someone who is as concerned about his clients, as he is about his employees. You will find that small talk isn’t just some sort of sale’s tactic with him, that it is who he is. He truly cares, and wants to hear what you have to say.

AJ’s hobby is hunting. He is a true hunter inside and out, so give him a chance to shoot down the horrible name that bad roofers give the roofing industry.

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