When is it time to change your services?

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When something isn’t working, when is it time for a change?

Years ago, I worked with a landscaper who would take care of the trees and grass on my property. He never talked to me about how we could make the property look better or how I could prevent any future issues. He would also leave debris all over the yard when he finished. I’d have to call him back to clean it up.

This went on for three years — three years of chasing this man down to get my lawn looking nice.

Occasionally I even cleaned up after him myself. Finally, I had an epiphany. I was visiting a client in a beautiful business park. I looked around at how lovely the area was and wished mine could be so nice.

“Wait,” I thought to myself. “Why not?”

What was stopping me from seeking better service? So I looked. It didn’t take me long to find a landscaper in the area who was highly recommended. I hired him, and he did an excellent job on my yard.

I kicked myself. Why had I spent so long with the other landscaper, whose work was consistently poor? Then I realized it was all about complacency. I had come to expect the service I was getting. By doing so, I’d spent years looking at a sub-par job when my property could have looked spectacular.

There are so many companies out there. You shouldn’t spend one more day with people you have to track down, remind, or clean up after. Think of services you pay for that could be better, and switch over to better options as soon as you can. We strive to follow this principle ourselves. We wouldn’t expect anyone to stay with our LOOKOUT™ Roof Monitoring Program if they had to put up with bad service. That’s why they’ll never have to. Why? Because just like me and my lawn, you deserve the best!

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