“IT PAYS TO MAINTAIN”: Crunching the numbers

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This month, in “It Pays to Maintain” we’ll be crunching the numbers to find the true value of roof maintenance.

Your business’ roof has a finite life expectancy. The average roof needs significant renovations at around 20 years. The rate of replacement and your total financial cost fluctuates wildly depending on the maintenance program you employ.

So let’s crunch some numbers. But first, let’s set up a case study. Consider a 100,000-square-foot roof being maintained over a 20-year period.

This program includes no formal maintenance program, and roof repairs are only made when the roof leaks. As years go by, the roof may receive leak patches, but the condition will continue to worsen over time. By year 10, with over five leak repairs every year, now, we are sufficiently frustrated that we decide to tear the entire roof system off and start the cycle again. Taking into consideration a full roof replacement and all of the leak repairs and interior damage, the total 20-year cost of a roof receiving care under the passive program is a little over $500,000.

This program includes two visual surveys a year and one moisture survey every three years. Damaged areas are repaired, rather than just patched. This plan requires you to put money into your roof every year, but compared to having a minimal maintenance plan or no plan at all, you are saving yourself over $17,000 a year in all repair and replacement costs. Over the 20 years, you’ll save over $210,000 — or 60 percent — of the cost of a full roof replacement. This example provides a credible method of finding the best value for a building system. We are confident that your analysis will also show that roof management is always a good investment.

In business, if you’re cost is one penny for something, you’re paying too much. Your investments need to make you money. Now, if investing that penny saves you $400, it’s a no-brainer. At Castro Roofing, our LOOKOUT™ Roof Monitoring Program does just that. Give us a call today and learn more about the program, preventative roof maintenance, and everything we can do to save you money, extend the life of your roof and deliver peace of mind.

Make sure to keep an eye out for “It Pays to Maintain” in our next blog, where we will continue discussing the advantages of preventative roof maintenance.

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