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Castro Roofing started in my Dad’s garage, and ever since then, it’s been a part of my life. From working with my Dad and brothers in the beginning to the long-lasting relationships we’ve made with our clients, I eat, sleep, and breath Castro Roofing. But sometimes, you need to step away and spend some time doing the things you love outside of work. For me, this means collecting comic books and replica statues.

Now, I know what you’re thinking — I’ve heard all the jokes. But, for me, they are more than just comics or statues. My collection started off small, but I’m proud to say that I now have over 100 Star Wars and Marvel replica statues. The statues themselves range from half to quarter scale and take over most of the top floor of my house — my wife won’t let any of them onto the main level. One of the items I’m most proud of is my autographed by Stan Lee Captain America Shield.

A little while back, Dallas hosted it’s annual Comic Con, and a couple of buddies and I decided to go. I was really looking forward to it — so much so that I didn’t think to bring anything for autographs. I realized my mistake as soon as I was inside the event center. Everyone there was dressed up, cosplaying as their favorite characters. It was incredible. One of the main reasons I wanted to attend the convention was because Stan Lee, one of the most important names in Marvel Comics, was there signing autographs. So there I was, standing in line for Stan Lee, trying to think of what I could get him to sign, when I called my brother Juan.

I was able to convince Juan to run to my house and pick up the Captain America shield and a couple of other things. The shield itself isn’t cheap — it’s a near exact replica made of metal. After Juan found our key and made it into the house — my wife was out — he found the shield. It was bolted to a stand, which meant he had to very carefully, and I mean, very carefully — I made sure of that — unbolt the shield and wrap it up to prevent scratches on his way to the convention. Luckily, the line was really long. Juan barely made it, and I ran out to meet him and grab the shield.

Meeting Stan Lee was great. Normally, it’s hard to get any sort of response from him. The poor man sits and signs autographs all day, but I guess we got lucky. He signed my shield and a few other things, and when he started autographing Thor’s hammer named Mjolnir, my friend jokingly asked him, “are you worthy?” He laughed, pushed it across the table, and said, “I’m not worthy!”

I’m passionate about comics. I have an eye for detail, and I only accept the best of the best. They’re my pride and joy, and I won’t settle for the second best. My devotion to excellence is the same that Castro Roofing gives to every one of our clients. We are determined to give you the very best, day in and day out. From our award-winning work to our Total Roofing Solutions, Castro Roofing is here to help you. Call us with any questions or ideas. Or, if you’re having a roofing emergency, we’re your roofing superheroes.


Stan Lee is holding my favorite Marvel character & I’m holding my favorite comic book cover.

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