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“First and foremost, we are about our employees and their work environments. That’s why safety is a priority for us. The monetary savings is just icing on the cake.”

As commercial roofers, we’re in a notoriously dangerous line of work. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics deems roofing the fourth most dangerous occupation. At Castro Roofing, we go

to great lengths to make safety our highest priority. We do this because we care about our employees. And we have an excellent track record. We have one of our industry’s lowest Experience Modification Rates (EMR), which is used to determine annual insurance premiums. Take it from us, keeping a low EMR in such a hazardous profession can seem insurmountable if safety isn’t always a top priority.

The number of yearly falls, injuries, and fatalities among roofers is baffling, and it means roofing companies have a sordid history with insurance companies. Although the industry as a whole experienced some dire numbers in 2008, Castro roofing was able to keep a lower EMR than industry standard, which sparked the idea that proactive measures could help us keep a low modification rate. We decided the best plan of action to reduce accident claims is to plan in advance for any special safety issues, provide the necessary equipment, and train everyone for workplace safety and how to properly use equipment.

We take safety seriously, and we do this by being proactive. We practice safety from the top, which means our safety culture starts at the top of our organizational chart. The Safety Manager reports to the CEO, adding accountability that trickles down. Our production and service teams are required to attend monthly safety meetings as well, and we are graded on safety just as we are on project completion, craftsmanship, and customer service.

In 2014 we won the NRCA Gold Circle for Safety Innovation Award and a Gold Circle Award honorable mention in the Outstanding Workmanship: Steep-slope category for our work on the prestigious Dallas City Performance Hall, which was a tremendous challenge due to the installation of 306-foot-long panels. Our proactive training and preparation allowed us to complete the project without a hitch. The Dallas City Performance Hall is a prime example of how creating a culture of safety yields return on a safety investment, and we are proud to say we were able to coordinate and perform our installation with excellence.

safety mag coverFREE – Download our Safety: A Core Value article written by the National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA) in their national magazine Roofing Contractor Magazine.

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