Does a Texas Roofer Need Licensing and Certification?

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Did you know that there aren’t any official licensing requirements for roofing contractors in the state of Texas? That means any people who want to call themselves roofers or roofing companies can go into the roofing business and start taking on projects. No license is required.

It all comes back to the reality that Texas is one of the states with the fewest regulations. While your opinion of this is probably colored by your political views, there are some practical pros and cons to fewer regulations, so we’ll take a brief look at them.

Why Less Regulation Is Good

It’s nice to let the market work sometimes. Good roofers will let their reputations and results speak for them, rather than depending on a license to do it for them. Less regulation also makes it easier for new roofers to get into the business and build up their skills, because there are fewer hurdles to jump over. It also helps avoid monopolies, which may occur when only a limited number of businesses or individuals can get licensed.

Why Less Regulation Is Bad

Less regulation can also have dangerous consequences. When there’s less government oversight, there’s greater potential for shoddy workmanship or outright scams. That’s one of the main downsides to less regulation, as you don’t have an objective filter for who is qualified to do the work and who isn’t. Even worse, it’s a lot easier for people to pose as roofers and collect money from unsuspecting customers, then never do any work!

We’re not here to debate the merits of state government regulation, but we are pointing these things out because they highlight the importance of choosing a roofer carefully. If you rely on the “throw a dart at the phone book” approach, you might end up with someone who really isn’t knowledgeable enough to fix your roof—or people who deliberately fix your roof poorly so you have to call them back again and again!

Self-Regulation Alternatives

With that said, there are still self-regulatory options in Texas for roofers who want it known that they meet certain standards. Castro Roofing adheres to the National Roofing Contractors Association standards. We are also bonded and insured for up to $15 million for our projects. Being bonded means that a bonding company has checked out a company’s background and ensured the business is trustworthy.

Keeping all of this in mind, you can now see why it’s so important to be selective when you choose a roofer for your commercial roofing project. Contact us to find out more about why we’re the best choice for your next project!
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