What 99% of Building Owners don’t know about their Roof Warranty

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The roofing industry is full of pitfalls and secrets that most roofers don’t want building owners to find out about. Castro Roofing is different.

There is a right way to take care of your roof and that’s what these blogs are all about. I want to share the roofing industry’s secrets with you!

Roofs are Like Cars

Think about the last time you bought a new car. You drive it home from the dealership with a great big smile on your face. It’s running smooth. It looks great. And you feel like you are on top of the world.

There are two ways you can handle car ownership. These paths lead to a couple of very different places, one of which is definitely preferable to the other.

Method #1
Imagine for a moment that after purchasing a car, that vehicle’s new owner, whom we’ll call
“Pat”, never changes the oil. Pat never replaces the brakes either. Nor does Pat ever get new tires, or wash the car, or anything else.

What will Pat’s car look like a couple of years down the road? Will it still be running?

Now let’s say that Pat has the ruined car towed back to the dealership, storms into the manager’s office in a rage, and demands that the car be brought back to pristine condition.

Pat cite’s the vehicle’s warranty and insists that the repairs begin immediately. Pat then takes a seat in the chair on the other side of the managers desk and leans back with a smug look, convinced that the dealership’s been trapped into funding the car’s restoration.

However, what most other car owners know, Pat included, is that the warranty is VOID if proper maintenance wasn’t performed. The same is true of roofing warranties – too few people know about the maintenance and upkeep requirement.

This analogy might seem pretty obvious but it’s the best way that I know to describe roof warranties to building owners.

Method #2
So let’s return to the analogy and explore the other way to handle car ownership.

Let’s say Casey buys a new car and changes the oil regularly. Casey washes and waxes the exterior of the car. Casey replaces the tires and brakes when they are worn. Casey brings the car in for maintenance at regular intervals.

Casey made the right decision to keep up on that maintenance because her car will be in great working order for many years. And if something does go wrong, Casey followed the guidelines in the warranty and has that protection to fall back on. It’s a great thing to have that peace of mind!

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