Sajal Dani

    Sajal is one of the newest members of the Castro family. Sajal’s position is focused on supporting the sales and estimating team. Sajal is skilled at team coordination and managing the communication flow. His attention to detail and added experience with project take-off’s and estimation skills will ensure the best possible project(s) for our customers. 

    At Castro Roofing, we operate with our Core Values at top of mind. Sajal believes he embodies Be Humble, but says “being humble comes only after you have been Hungry and did your Hustle”

    Sajal is inspired by those who have technical knowledge managing people, as well as being able to help people with those skills. He is eager to work with a skilled and experienced team ready to Deliver Peace of Mind.

    We asked Sajal what makes him Hungry to start working at Castro Roofing, he said; “My quest for knowledge and will to develop new skills. My goal is to keep improving myself so that I can contribute better every day. The hunger for something new, the challenging nature of the work, the things that I would learn and the satisfaction of working hard is the driving force.”

    Life above profits is a way of life at Castro Roofing and Sajal is a perfect fit to our high performing team.

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