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Rudy is an entrepreneur that for over two decades, has been educating the business community about not just a better way of commercial roofing, but the best way to do Commercial Roofing. He is a visionary leader that is making clients roof dreams come to fruition. He has imagined a world where a roof leak can be fixed right the first time, and is making that world come alive with quality, and top of the line technology that no one else offers. His passion for permanent leak repairs comes from the struggles of having to deal with other building maintenance issues on a regular basis. Just what if he could find a company that could fix it right the first time! How much money, time, and grief would that save him. Then the light bulb went off why not at least be able to do that for someone else. He has not stopped since; he thrives off of companies getting quality roof repairs and replacements. What makes Rudy smile is the smiling faces of his clients. Now Rudy also serves as the CEO, and he is on a mission to dominate the commercial roofing market with fanatical customer service, and just straight up roofing excellence.

Rudy being the entrepreneur that he is could not simply stop there. To him it is not just a matter of putting on a roof, or fixing it correctly the bigger issue is putting it on safely. Smiling clients makes Rudy happy, but healthy and happy employees help him sleep at night. So he personally stepped in, and with the help of a team of Safety experts put safety policies and procedures in place that OSHA would be jealous of. We are excited to report that this has really paid off in a multitude of ways, one of them being that we have one of the lowest EMR’s in the industry, and most importantly he is able to ensure the safety of his devoted colleges.

Rudy wants to hear what problems, concerns, thoughts, or ideas you have. He continually educates himself on the latest ( list of education ) and realizes that the best education there is, is simply listening to others and their stories.


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