The Amazing Effects of Hail Damage

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If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a hailstorm, then you know how devastating hail can be. Hail can dent cars, break windows, and do significant damage to one of the most vulnerable spots on any commercial building: the roof.

The fact is, hailstorms are a brutal hazard to the structural integrity and soundness of any commercial building. Check out this video of a University of Calgary greenhouse roof during a hailstorm:

You can see each of the greenhouse roof windows break as hail rains down on them. There are plenty of other instances where hail actually breaks through the roof and gets inside, or causes significant dents that weaken the roof and leave it vulnerable in the future.

Hail often comes with tornadoes, so wind and hail work hand in hand to cause massive destruction to buildings that aren’t prepared. At Storm Hawks, we offer rapid response to disasters and can save roofs from further damage or complete collapse!

Hail is more common in the winter, but it can occur throughout the year. For more information or to get some advice about your commercial roof, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Storm Hawk Commander-in-Chief,
Rudy Rodriguez

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