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In this industry, there are so many ideas and so much information coming from so many seemingly credible sources that it’s hard to know what is myth and what is reality. The problem is most myths seem real.
First Watch was created because insurance claims are being denied more than ever before. It is critical to have the claim strategies in place prior to being effected by a severe storm event. Prior planning increases the building owner’s opportunities to obtain a fair insurance settlement.

The First Watch storm readiness program prepares the policyholder in the event that they are impacted by severe weather. This program provides the business owner with the peace of mind that when disaster strikes, a plan is already in place to protect their largest investment.

The Storm Hawks™ First Watch Pre-Authorization program was specifically designed to improve post-disaster conditions efficiently and effectively. First Watch Pre-Authorization program, an advanced agreement between your organization and Castro Roofing, provides an immediate and comprehensive response to disasters.
As a First Watch client, a Storm Hawks™ Special Storm Unit Responder will be at your site within hours of notification by our First Watch weather alert system. Storm Hawks™ will know about the incoming weather before you do.

  • Pre-Authorization Agreement in place
  • Pricing structure agreed to in advance
  • Storm Alert procedures in place for quick alert and deployment Emergency Repair priority response
  • Storm Hawks™ priority response
  • Pre-existing conditions documented by Lookout program
    (no cost if policyholder is a LOOKOUT client)
  • Implement X-Vision THERMAL MAPPING AND SURVEYING Program if beneficial to client and ROI
  • Document existing roof conditions prior to a storm event

 How a snow storm may cause “Curtain Damage”

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