Who we are looking for

Wanted: Passionate, intelligent, hard-working, and positive people. Must love getting things done and winning.

Not Wanted: Not Wanted: Gossiper, corporate lackies who love name-tags, egomaniacs & does that don’t give a damn.

Who we are looking for
At Castro Roofing, great people are our most important assets and essential to our success. We look for hardworking, enthusiastic people to join us in our mission to be the World Class Service Organization in North Texas by 2019. We will accomplish this thru our Purpose of Delivering Peace of Mind and our Culture of Good.  In turn, we offer people an environment that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit, offers dynamic career paths, and rewards employees for helping our clients succeed.

Castro Roofing Team
People at Castro Roofing don’t have to be told to go the extra mile. It’s part of who we are. Knowing that everything we do will have an impact on our clients drives us to make constant improvements to our client loyalty program and products. It challenges us to change the roofing landscape for the better. In fact, many of us have no prior roofing experience and are intrigued by what a world class service organization can do to help the roofing industry. That helps us see through the eyes of our clients to develop the great experience that make our clients say “WOW”.

Backgrounds We Look For
We seek smart, driven individuals who can contribute expertise gained from a variety of past experiences. Our staff of roofing specialists includes estimators, project managers, superintendents, field foremen and project consultants. But you don’t necessarily need a business degree or a roofing background for every role at Castro Roofing. We seek team members that care about others and have a good heart and we prize both creativity and analytical ability; a varied, interesting background gets our attention. You’ll find people at all levels of the company.

Core Skills
It’s more important to us to find people with the abilities that will help them thrive within Castro Roofing’s Culture of Good. We look for applicants with an outstanding academic record, varied work experience, and leadership potential. We value independent and creative thinkers who have excellent communication skills. An interest in or experience with commercial roofing is helpful, though not essential. Regardless of your personal interests, you should be guided by a strong desire to change things for the better.

A Variety of Roles
Castro Roofing jobs require all types of talents. We regularly hire for positions including estimators, marketing coordinators, service technicians, foremen, salespeople, client delight specialist, and project managers. From our first days in business, we’ve been an early adopter of new technologies and believe in delivering great experience to our clients.

Diverse Perspectives
Because we value new ideas, we look for a diverse range of individuals in our search for employees. Our differences are our strength; the fact that we don’t all think the same way encourages lively debate and sound solutions. We welcome the past experience and unique perspective each individual brings to our culture at Castro Roofing.

We Are Looking For The Following Persons
If you are this person, fantastic.  If you aren’t this person, do you know them? (If you share this link & we find this person because of you, I will send you $500 in cold hard cash).

And even if you aren’t this person but find interest in how we roll at Castro Roofing, keep reading…

  1. Not: A Know It All 

You are “intellectually” curious.  You read books, blogs, and anything that piques your interest.  You are a curious person that seems to have more questions than answers.  People probably like to be around you because you are a learner.  Your ability to learn new things and then turn them into action is uncanny.

Not only do you read, you watch & listen.  You spend time on YouTube finding information and learning how to do stuff.  It could be anything.  Bottom line: you are curious about new information in many forms.

  1.  Not: Waiting For Direction 

Yeah, everyone says they are a self-starter but the person we are looking for has a few things  happening.  You might have a side business or projects.

You don’t spend your free time watching Jerry Springer. You are constantly activating ideas of new things.  If you don’t have a side business or project you might have you might be active in a non-profit you enjoy working with.

You make your own to-do list and you aren’t looking for a lot of direction.  You crave freedom to do your thing and make decisions.

  1. Not: Always Out Of Storage On Your Phone 

You are savvy with technology. No, you don’t need to know how to code like that hoodie wearing, black rimmed glass coder at 2AM in Palo Alto.  Tech savvy means, you can post a blog with no problem.  It means you are active on social media.  It means you check your phone 150 times a day and have apps for most of your life.

     4. Not Gonna Work For A Boring Company With No Purpose Behind What They Do

The thought of working in a cubicle makes you sick.  You would rather put a cheese grader to your forehead than have to wear a name badge to work.

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