Horrified Businessman


Most businesses are not prepared when natural disasters strike. Simply put, we cannot control when and where these natural events occur but we can lessen their impact by preparing for when they do happen.

We all know that insurance policies can be hard to understand. Even then, business owners often try to handle insurance claims themselves, or worse, they leave handling the claim up to the insurance company creating a “fox guarding the hen house” scenario. Hoping they will be treated fairly, the business owner puts his largest investment, his building, in the hands of the insurance company and the adjuster that it sends to review the damage sustained. Whose side do you think “the fox” is on?

Given the circumstances and the dangerous nature of the situation, the results from your insurance claim could be more devastating than the natural disaster.

First Watch is a storm readiness program that was developed and designed by the Storm Hawks™ at Castro Roofing and a team of public insurance adjusters and private lawyers.

First Watch helps minimize the dangers associated with the claim process and maximizes the amount of funds necessary to properly repair any storm damage sustained during severe weather. This program has been developed to get you back in business with minimal delays.
It incorporates an advanced agreement between your organization and Castro Roofing, and provides an immediate and comprehensive response to disasters at ZERO cost to you.

  • Avoid long business interruptions
  • Reduce the cost of repair
  • Avoid claim denial
  • Maximize settlement amount
  • Properly repair and warrant all work
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