Here’s an Easy Way to Make Sure Your Roofing Contractor
Will Fix Your Roofing Problem, Instead of Becoming the Problem!

One of the biggest targets for incompetent contractors is the uninformed building owner or property manager simply because they typically don’t hire roofing contractors on a regular basis. Therefore, they don’t know how to properly screen good contractors from bad. They often fall prey to simply getting 3 estimates and going with the lowest bidder. This is the most common mistake that you could make when hiring a contractor.

When selecting a roofing contractor, make sure they measure up to the “Castro Standard” in these critical areas that directly affect whether or not your project gets done right the first time and on schedule, by qualified installers, at the right price.

Design Capabilities

There’s no need to hire an expensive roofing consultant, architect or engineer AND a roofing contractor to solve your roofing problems. [READ MORE]Castro Roofing has an in-house architect and special design software that allows them to provide you with specifications and in-depth, detailed plans and designs. It also gives Castro Roofing the ability to recommend roofing systems that may be better or more cost effective than what clients currently have or are planning to use. (Click here for a FREE Consultation regarding your project).


On average, each of Castro’s 14 top-level staff has 20 years of experience in the roofing industry. [READ MORE]Along with behavioral profile testing – which allows them to match behaviors with jobs – and their hiring processes (which includes pre-employment screening and random drug, alcohol testing and on-ramping to match to our Culture of Good) Castro works hard to keep the right team available and working for you. Click here to view various awards, certifications, licenses, etc.


Castro strongly believes in being self-sufficient by owning outright all of its well-maintained tools and equipment. [READ MORE]Their internal tag procedures and regular maintenance program ensure that all tools and equipment are in prime working condition. This allows them to stay on a tight schedule, which plays a huge part in eliminating job delays and completing your project on time. In addition to the usual equipment found with any roofing company, Castro also owns:

  1. Trucks powered by propane (for cleaner air).
  2. A 40 ton crane so materiel and equipment gets to where it’s needed
  3. A dump truck with scissor lift center section
  4. Computerized sheet metal break because every project requires custom-formed sheet metal
  5. A panel machine to custom cut sheet metal right on your job site
  6. An automatic sheer, tear-off machine so projects are not behind schedule as soon as they start
  7. Fume recovery filtering system so the environment and building occupants are protected
  8. High volume gravel vacuum system to eliminate air pollution
  9. Telehandler forklifts
  10. Spill kits so there’s never a delay in cleaning up any spill that might occur

Materials Used Makes a BIG Difference

Castro Roofing only uses the very best quality materials. [READ MORE]They are approved by the best material manufacturers, and their payment history assures that Castro can have access to any kind of material they may need to fulfill your job requirements – even on short notice. In fact, they are one of the few companies that receive discounts that are passed along to you! In addition, their roofing installation mechanics receive manufacturer installation certifications and training on the latest installation techniques to ensure few or no warranty call-backs. (link to manufacturer testimonials).

Performance Standards

Castro conducts monthly safety training, quarterly “Tool Box” talks, which include equipment training, quality assurance, project management, and management/supervision training sessions. [READ MORE]In addition, they also attend material certification training offered by material manufacturers. This ensures that Castor will always be up to date on the latest material installation techniques so that you can be sure that the job will be done right the first time. Depending on specific job requirements, Castro also schedules training sessions on fall protection, guard rails or catch platforms, spill containments, and whatever else might be required to ensure a hassle and event-free project.

Proper Insurance

Castro carries an aggregate general liability insurance policy of $2 million, $5 million per occurrence, and $4 million umbrella insurance…PLUS they also choose to carry Workers Compensation insurance for all staff. [READ MORE]They carry these policies to protect you from liability from unforeseen yet possible very unfortunate and costly events.

In the state of Texas, contractors are not required to have Workman’s Compensation Insurance. This means that if a worker is injured while working on your property, and the contractor chose to not insure their workers, you will be exposed to serious liability and the possibility of lawsuits. Also, call the insurance agent listed on the insurance certificates of coverage to verify coverage is in effect during every project.

Another common occurrence to be aware of is a contractor you hire will show that he carries Workman’s Compensation, but then hires subcontractors to do the work. If the subcontractor does not carry Workman’s Compensation Insurance on their employees, and his employee get hurt while working on your property, you again incur liability and risk the possibility of a lawsuit.

Castro Roofing uses NO SUBCONTRACTORS – their crew and staff are all Castro employees. And again, because we carry Workers Compensation insurance on all their employees, you are never at risk from worker injury.

Free Commercial Roofing Contractor Information Kit

The 6 points mentioned above are just a few of the items that you need to look for when hiring a commercial roofing contractor. [READ MORE]Click here for your FREE How to Successfully Hire a Commercial Roofing Contractor Information Kit. It will provide you with:

  • 7 Questions that you must ask all contractors BEFORE awarding them the job
  • The 4 P’s of Owner Protection for a Construction Project
  • Code of Ethics that YOUR Contractor Needs to Abide By
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