A New Roof System without the Cost or Disruption…

Did you know Liquid Applied Membranes are 100% Tax Deductable in the first year? That is just one of many benefits…

As a rule of thumb, you should replace your roof if the projected repair cost is 35% or more of the replacement cost.

But did you know that there is a third option?

One that, in many cases, beats the pants of replacing your roof? The innovative solution is to restore the existing roof with a time proven liquid roof system (not a cheap elastomeric paint coating).

Here’s how it works:

  • Roof Must Qualify: Not all roofs can be restored; in our experience, about 84% of the roofs that are normally replaced could be restore instead. Leaving only a small percentage needing total roof replacement.
  • Double-Check With The Manufacturer: Before proceeding, we always check with the material manufacturer to make sure that it’s a candidate for restoration.
  • Thermo-Check For Trapped Water: We use a thermo-scanning device (X-Vision) to check for any water that might be trapped under the roofing material; since we will essentially be sealing the entire roof, trapped water could lead to mold and decay. If water is found, we repair that section before continuing.
  • Apply the Liquid Roof System: The material waterproofs the entire roof and protects you against leaks and future damage.
  • Apply Wear Surface: We apply a top “wear” surface to protect the liquid roof system; it’s white or silver Energy Star rated material with special properties which reflect 85% of the harmful UV rays, while reducing your roof surface temperature by 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit. This reduction of roof temperature will also extend the roof life as well as your air conditioner equipment. The wear surface can be easily and inexpensively be re-applied every 20 years (cost is comparable to paint). This will permit the building owner the option to extend the manufacturer system warranty an additional 20 years.

The end result is a “new” (restored) roof that comes with the same 20-year labor and material warranty as a brand new roof… but only costs about HALF as much.

Other Benefits:

  • The surface is Energy Star approved, so it saves on your energy bills.
  • Since roof restoration is NOT considered a capital expense, you can write it off NOW instead of over 25 years.
  • Quick and easy to apply; no disruption of your normal building operations.
  • Continually extend labor and material warranty forever. Making UltraSHIELD the last roof you will ever need!
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